A Gourmet Experience at The Grill

July 2017| 334 views

The elegant and sophisticated ambience at The Grill
© Menaka Aravinda

The smoky steakhouse flavours relished worldwide are redefined with perfect sophistication at The Grill. The restaurant’s charming and endearing ambience creates an elegant dining affair for lovers of gourmet grills.

Words Keshini de Silva 

The Grill at The Kingsbury, hotel, which has served Colombo delightful, charred steakhouse flavours has received a brand new look. From the stylish, lavish furniture to the welcoming atmosphere, the restaurant exudes absolute elegance.

The restaurant is cocooned away from the bustle of the hotel. The concept has been carefully curated to accommodate fine and stylish dining with comfort in a relaxed setting. As you ease into the plush green dining chairs, the menu offers you a glimpse of the variety served at the restaurant.

Cuisine is undoubtedly the heart of the restaurant. Both European and American dishes are recreated with absolute respect for authentic grilled flavours, though are presented with The Grill’s trendy flare. Technique and ingredients is the mantra of the kitchen. From the Angus steaks imported from the US to the fresh seafood sourced from the Indian Ocean, quality is priority.

The signature lobster, mussels and crab stick cocktail
© Prishan Pandithage Photography

Be it a ribeye, sirloin or a brisket, rather than just soaking the steak in flavourings the chefs have perfected the art of bringing out the essence of the meat, usually with a marinade of pepper and a pinch of salt. Simplicity is observed in the preparation of the seafood and vegetarian grills. Each grilled dish is cooked in the special charcoal fired grill oven, which while enhancing natural flavours infuses the meal with smoky and char tangs.

Whether it is a New York Strip, T Bone Steak, or Grilled Australian Lamb Chops you are assured of a truly tender and appetising bite.

A rarity in Colombo, the hotel’s Josper Oven cooks the food slowly, a labour of love where timing is of great importance. Hence, whether it’s a New York Strip, T Bone Steak, or Grilled Australian Lamb Chops you are assured of a truly tender and appetising bite. The Surf and Turf dish will prove to be a celebration of tangs and succulence for the seafood lover.

Vegetarians too are catered to with salads and a Mediterranean Grill. The mouthwatering desserts include the home-made New York Cheese Cake and the much-raved about crème brûlée. For a special occasion, where a little theatre is required, the Flambé dessert is an impeccable choice.

With wine degustation to suit the menu, the dining experience at The Grill is meticulously curated. To ensure diners relish the finest, the restaurant’s sommelier is on hand to suggest the best pairings of dish and wine. To offer diners a taste of continental cuisine, The Grill has many culinary events. Until July 8, 2017, a menu curated by French Chef Eric Berrigaud will be served. Elegant and sophisticated, The Grill at The Kingsbury creates the perfect ambience for a tasteful dinning experience and the relishing of much-loved gourmet grills.

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