‘Plant a Plant’ initiative by Mahogany Masterpieces

July 2017| 285 views

A customer collects a mahogany plant from a Mahogany Masterpieces outlet

In line with its ‘Plant a Plant’ initiative, which was launched in 2016, the Mahogany Masterpieces continues to provide free mahogany and teak plants to Sri Lankans this year as well. The plants will also be distributed to schools Islandwide and communities to implement and encourage the planting of trees. Plants can also be collected from their outlets.

The pledge to plant 10,000 trees in Sri Lanka was launched in 2016. The ‘Plant a Plant’ initiative is focused in strengthening the green coverage of the country as well as improving its resilience to climatic change.

“We need to remind ourselves that every minute of every day we are taking from this planet. The time to start giving back is long overdue. We must hold ourselves accountable for the protection of the earth”, said Kishan Gooneratne, Managing Director, Mahogany Masterpieces.

Management and staff of Mahogany Masterpieces at the planting ceremony

He stated, “The responsibility isn’t on just the government, business or individual to rectify the environmental issues. The more we all do our part, the faster we can and we will create an entire society that promotes towards sustainability.”

‘Plant a Plant’ further safeguards the sustainability of the furniture industry by renewing resources that harvest raw materials in addition to restoring forests. Each plant brings them closer to protecting, conserving forests and the industry for future generations. The objective is to spread awareness and to trigger a stable environmentally responsible lifestyle.