Ceylonese floral nail art from Spa Ceylon

August 2017| 384 views

Ceylonese Nail Art sets from Spa Ceylon

Nail art inspired by ancient design

The global lifestyle brand Spa Ceylon introduced Ceylonese Nail Art in designs influenced by the traditional floral motifs from grand artistry of ancient Ceylon.

These colourful nail art designs are available in eight Spa Ceylon themes, with complementing hand and nail care products to complete each set. The sets are a colourful summer fashion statement that is vibrant, tropical and fun, perfect to accentuate ones own individual style, be it for a day at the beach or a glamorous night out.

Spa Ceylon’s Ceylonese Nail Art brings the regal magnificence of ancient floral art from palaces and the grand temples of the Island into a beautiful set of 20 stickers per theme. The designs embody the decorative curlicues and motifs of art from ancient Sri Lanka. The sets also take on the silhouettes and hues of Spa Ceylon products; the Lemongrass Mandarin nail art set, is designed in the shape of the layered core of mandarin and takes the jewelled orange hue of the fruit and the grass green of lemongrass. Each set of nail art comprises of different patterns and colours, leaving room to play with multiple combinations to achieve a look that suits ones mood.

The nail art coupled with the Spa Ceylon aromatic and natural formulae for hand and nail care further makes for the perfect gift for a loved one or an acquaintance. The products are enriched with quality and 100 per cent natural ingredients from Sri Lanka and are also perfumed with the lovely and distinctive aromas of Spa Ceylon products.