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If you are looking for a quick, comforting bite to eat without compromising on taste, choice, quality or goodness, head to Isso in Colombo’s busy metropolitan.

The façade of Isso hints at the enchanting culinary experience offered

small yet impressionable Island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has an endless array of utterly succulent options. Isso, a delightfully quaint dining spot nestled in Sulaiman Terrace is primarily focused on the favourite seafood: prawns.

Prawns have, as any Sri Lankan will testify, been a staple addition to any Sri Lankan meal. From delicious prawn curry to the favourite hot-battered prawns, the variations are plenty. Yet, Isso is an eatery that offers a whole new dimension on a seemingly unassuming, yet incredibly versatile crustacean.

One of the three individuals who conceptualised and then initiated Isso, Apinash Sivagumaran, CEO/Co Founder, stated Isso was established in an effort to re-introduce prawns with a whole new concept, packaging it as a convenient, quick, and quality culinary option, which is not only fresh and appetising, but also available within an affordable price bracket. Named after the local term for prawns, the restaurant resolves to consistently enhance an appreciation for this particular seafood.

Isso cleverly and artistically merges Sri Lankan, Thai, Italian and Chinese cuisines into their menu, resulting in diverse gastronomical experiences.

Their customers are able to pick and choose from a wide variety of options, customising their final dish according to their personal whims. All it takes is a simple, three-step process, the first of which includes selecting the size of your prawns (L, XL and XXL). Next, decide on how you would like your prawns to be prepared and finally, pick your main dish, which is called ‘carb’. They will even include a complimentary, freshly-tossed salad.

Open for both lunch (12pm – 3pm) and dinner (6pm – 11pm), they offer take-out and free delivery services – within Colombo city limits, along with indoor and outdoor seating for dining-in. Isso is a welcoming, unique setup, that extends a wholesome experience from Monday – Sunday. Prawn lovers from all walks of life are welcome to join the issopisso community, for continuously prawn-infused indulgence. Complete with a charming wood effect, the novel restaurant is looking to expand, so as to facilitate enhanced accommodation.

Flames grill flavour to the prawns

With a novel concept, export-quality prawns and a commitment to deliver an exceptional service, it is not surprising that Isso has already warmed up to its audience. Steering clear of a complicated menu has allowed Isso to embrace their main product, whilst diversifying. The many delectable combinations ensure customers are treated to varying culinary possibilities. Opt for sweet potato fries, isso wade or corn-on-the-cob, or dive headfirst into their hot-butter prawns, Singapore chilli or Italian prawn pasta. Ask Isso for a taste of their hot seller, the Jaffna Curry while you are at it.

Isso is prepping for their launch in Malé, Maldives, spreading their love for prawns across borders. Thus, if you miss it here, you know where to catch them.

2 Sulaiman Terrace,
Colombo 5
(+94 11) 777 0300