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September 2017| 538 views

The elegant, mellow, soothing treatment spaces

Relax, rejuvenate and rediscover yourself at Kemara Life.

Words Yomal Senerath-Yapa
Photographs Menaka Aravinda and Geeth Viduranga

Kemara Life glows with the bloom of well-deserved success that suffuses its elegant yellow dappled walls. It has become a holistic wellness oasis in the commercial city for those who appreciate the art of staying healthy – the natural way. What makes Kemara special, apart from founder Kishani Gunawardena’s driving spirit, is their fusion of ancient therapies. Aromatherpay is at its heart, as the leaf-and-droplet logo signifies. Whether in their spa, their boutique line of natural and organic products or cuisine, essential oils lend their magic.

The essential oils, as Kishani explains, are basically the hormones of plants and were used as elixirs in all the classic civilizations, and is part of Ayurveda. Kemara blends aromatherapy and Ayurveda with the Chinese concept of the ‘Five Elements’, which incorporates the idea that mind and body are closely linked.

A package designed especially for you awaits at Kemara

In Kemara Spa, treatments are tailor-made. You will sit down to an in-depth consultation, which will identify your requirements. Based on the recommendations a package will be customised for you, the choice of oils and the design of the treatment contoured entirely according to your needs.

The spa menu lists the names that resonate the rich traditions behind the brand, such as ‘Moringa and Pink Clay Facial’ and ‘Avocado Shea Butter Clay Wrap’.

The Complete Detox Programme is at the very heart of Kemara Spa and the ten-day package includes treatments such as manual lymph drainage and colon hydrotherapy, which are not offered anywhere else in Sri Lanka. The ten days ‘detoxing programme’ package is supplemented with a special diet including juices and salads.

Kemara’s detox has proven to be so phenomenal that even overseas visitors come in exclusively for the treatment. The programme is not a product you nonchalantly buy; it is in essence a lifestyle designed for your wellbeing. For foreign guests the detox programme is a highly economical way to infuse exotic island living with a detoxing process that would be fabulously exorbitant in their country, while for Sri Lankans it is a unique offer.

Kemara Cuisine offers a ‘juice feast’

The Traditional Turkish Hammam Bath is another service offered by Kemara exclusively within the country. Though similar to a sauna, the Turkish bath is an invigorating, therapeutic treatment interlaced with elements from traditional Roman and Greek bathing practices.

The Kemara Boutique line offers nearly 180 natural and organic products attractively designed.

The Kemara Boutique line offers nearly 180 natural and organic products attractively designed for customers. They have categorised products intended for face, body and hair. ‘Getting through the day’ range looks after the daily troubles of headaches, sinus, muscle tension and joint pains while their popular Tea Tree Gel treats cuts, scrapes and bruises. The Children’s range offers remedies for various ailments. While there is a range for pregnancy and a green range called ‘Aromatic Green Homes’ as well.

The products at Kemara contain no parabens, artificial flavours or any colours. They strictly abide by Ecocert Organic’s recommendations of raw materials permissible in a green product.

Kemara’s natural and organic boutique line

As a wellness centre that essentially promotes a holistic lifestyle, Kemara Spa lays great emphasis on consuming the right food. For those who are queasy about a ten-day detox, a one-day detox with juices can be designed after an appraisal of your health condition. A highly qualified nutritionist will advice on dietary requirements. The diet of juices at Kemara is a ‘juice feast’, where you replenish your entire body with two to three litres of 100 per cent organic juices and edible essential oils each day. The idea of starving is entirely replaced with a selection of natural beverages.

With an ever-growing clientele, Kemara Life aims to envelope more lives within its benevolent ‘green mantle’ thereby changing the customer’s lifestyle.

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Colombo 7,
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