‘Eau De Ceylon’ by Spa Ceylon

September 2017| 381 views

Spa Ceylon’s ‘Eau De Ceylon’ range

Spa Ceylon’s ‘Eau De Ceylon’ range

Spa Ceylon has introduced ‘Eau De Ceylon’ an innovative range of nature-inspired colognes to refresh and delight the senses. The aromatic blends are based on Spa Ceylon’s Aromaveda concept by combining the olfactory pleasures of natural oils with the Vedic benefits inherent in essential oils to promote natural wellbeing. 

Made with tropical Island spring water from the foothills of Knuckles mountain range, the fragrances are blended with refreshing Ceylonese citrus fruit extracts, floral essences, herbal essential oils and aromatic compounds to create an exhilarating fragrant experience.

‘Eau De Ceylon’ is available in four refreshing unisex fragrances – ‘Kaffir Lime & Citron’, ‘Lemongrass Citron’, ‘Grapefruit Blossom’ and ‘Mandarin Spice’. 

Inspired by ancient Ceylonese palace art, the bottles are decorated with Ceylonese floral motifs and are capped with embossed antique gold lids. Each fragrance is packed in pretty boxes adorned with matching floral designs to complete a tropical Island look.