Mahogany Masterpieces opens brand new store

October 2017| 587 views

Kishan Gooneratne, Managing Partner

Kishan Gooneratne, Managing Partner

Expanding to serve its clients better and to showcase with more effect the wider and latest array of products and services, Mahogany Masterpieces opened its newest showroom, with parking space, on Dickmans Road, Colombo 5.

Aside from its expansive range of contemporary, classical, traditional and trend-setting designs, Mahogany Masterpieces presents an entirely new set of creations, accessories, finishes and interior solutions.

The latest ‘piano finish’ is a glossy veneer that can withstand anything from boiling water to turpentine. An innovative creation, explained as a hit among its female customer base is the revolving closet built into the corner of a wardrobe – set solidly and moving effortlessly on steel rods and bearings.

The beautifully-fashioned kitchen units are made of 100 per cent solid mahogany and come with German manufactured hinges and railings that comply with international standards. The units can either be chosen from available designs or crafted to fit the purchaser’s lifestyle. Fitted with modern elements and accessories, they are made with due consideration given to the practical aspects of day-to-day use.

Mahogany Masterpieces also launched its own application – downloadable on iTunes or Playstore – presenting its entire product catalogue, new designs, promotions, order follow-ups, services and care tips.

Furniture displaying the latest piano finish

Conveying customers into a virtual reality, Kishan Gooneratne, Managing Partner, explained, “Selecting furniture for a home or office is a personal experience and sometimes it is quite challenging to visualise how a piece would look in the actual setting. Our application enables a customer to pick out a product from the catalogue via its reality function, place it in the desired space and make an informed decision after seeing how it looks.”

Mahogany Masterpieces takes a passionate approach to craftsmanship in creating with pride its exquisite and timeless pieces, finished to perfection by a skill-pool of master artisans. Here Gooneratne highlighted the expertise Sri Lankan carpenters had to create world class products.

A key feature is that every section of all items of furniture sold by the firm is made out of 100 per cent solid luxury timber. While mahogany is the wood of choice, teak and ‘nadun’ are also utilised. The mahogany wood is sourced from licensed dealers and the trees are at present grown largely on estates.

With respect for the invaluable forest reserves and aiming to find an ecologically sustainable resource, an initiative was taken called ‘Plant a Plant with Mahogany Masterpieces’. The goal is to cultivate 10,000 trees each year by giving free plants to all who wished to join.

Last year, 5,000 plants were handed out freely and a matching amount is to be distributed this year as well.

Mahogany Masterpieces continues its legacy of quality, creativity and perfection 43 years since its founding.