Business Today Passionate

November 2017| 216 views

Pioneers and trailblazers, through their drive and passion, have propelled the Sri Lankan economy to the future, in the same manner as the corporate sector. Thus, this year Business Today also recognises Passionate individuals, who have through determination brought recognition to Sri Lanka in the international arena. The new category marks the 20th anniversary milestone of the Business Today selection of TOP public-listed corporates. These individuals are groundbreaking entrepreneurs who have transformed their respective industries and have taken the risk to venture out to the international market with a Sri Lankan brand, bringing great pride to the motherland. They do not seek recognition or glory, but are dedicated to their cause, ventures and visions. Business Today Passionate, selected entirely by Business Today is not a ranking. These individuals have been selected from diverse sectors in which they have proved themselves, and are listed according to the year their ventures commenced.