Golden Dragon – The Authentic Chinese Experience

November 2017| 505 views

Gilded sculpture of the golden dragon

The Taj Samudra in Colombo creates an unforgettable authentic Chinese culinary experience at its fine-dining restaurant, Golden Dragon. Relish Sichuan-inspired cuisine in a majestic and royal setting.

Words Keshini de Silva
Photographs Menaka Aravinda

Avenues flanked by breezy tropical scenes lead to the Taj Samudra. Within, stately lions guard the entrance to the Golden Dragon. Walking past the golden sculpture of a Chinese dragon, the diner experiences an ambience that evokes the grandeur of ancient China.

Gold woodwork and ornamented patterns add an amber glow to the interior, amidst which soothing touches of blue stand out. From large mirrored doors to luxe silk curtains, the restaurant echoes majesty and elegance. The Golden Dragon entreats the patron to a truly fine dining experience.

The journey of Chinese gastronomy has been carefully curated. Sophistication and finesse shine through the picture-perfect presentation of dishes. Diners are treated to a variety of preparations, flavours and the very best of Sichuan-inspired cuisine. The signature ‘Singapore Chilli Crab’ is a delectable dish with the famed Sri Lankan crab. ‘Baby Corn, Broccoli and Chinese Mushrooms’ is another signature serving oozing with flavour. Other favourite dishes include the ‘Steamed Jumbo Prawn with Celery and Spring Onion’, ‘Lobster in Ginger and Spring Onion’, as well as the ‘Cuttlefish and Pak Choy in Yellow Chilli’ – wonderfully exotic culinary offerings. The ‘Crispy Fried Lotus Root with Sichuan Chilli and Rock Salt’, a scrumptious serving of an Asian delicacy, guarantees to have diners craving for more. The Golden Dragon strives to provide novel dishes. Thus, as the year-end festive season dawns, the restaurant will serve the all-new ‘Bamboo Net Fish’. It is a mouth-watering presentation of fried sliced garoupa garnished with soy sauce, ginger and spring onions, and decorated with a wicker net.

Golden Dragon echoes majesty and elegance

Dim Sum is simply a must-have. A delightful swirl of aromas springs upon the diner when the bamboo baskets are opened. From ‘Sweet Corn and Asparagus’ to ‘Carrot and Spinach’ and the famed ‘Prawn Har Gao’, there is an authentic variety of Dim Sum to savour. Indeed, the Golden Dragon places great importance on paying tribute to the original, celebrated flavours of Chinese cuisine. The kitchen, where the magic happens, treats diners to an exclusive showing of the preparation of Dim Sum and Peking Duck. Adding a touch of theatrics to fine-dining, the Peking Duck is carved before the diner. It is this focus on the finer details that resulted in a memorable gastronomic journey. Yum Cha on weekend afternoons is another must-try. The private room, ornate with Chinese designs, is ideal for personal and family gatherings. For semi-private dining, the plush seating by the windows is more suited.

Gold woodwork and ornamented patterns amidst soothing touches of blue

Relish delicious Chinese cuisine at the Golden Dragon, amidst an atmosphere of elegance and regal splendour. It is Chinese fine-dining at its best.

Taj Samudra,
Galle Face Centre Road,
Colombo 1.
(+94 11) 244 6622
[email protected]