Wickramarachchi Opticians

November 2017| 875 views

The opulent interior showcasing a fine range of spectacles and sunglasses

Counting over four decades in service, Wickramarachchi Opticians offer elegant eyewear and audiology equipment.

Words Nadeera Jayasinghe
Photographs Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Mihira Wickramarachchi, Chairman

One of the many branches of Wickramarachchi Opticians is situated on Ward Place in Colombo 7. This lavish and spacious outlet that was opened five years ago in a leafy quarter of the city offers a variety of services in optometry as well as audiology.

The outlet aesthetically showcases an extensive array of spectacle frames and sunglasses. While women’s and men’s ranges are most prominently placed, the showroom also offers frames made specially for teenagers and children. Contact lenses as well as spectacle lenses of glass and plastic are available for purchase at the store.

There is a host of fashion brands to select from among the wide range of spectacles and sunglasses offered by Wickramarachchi Opticians. These include, but are not limited to, Emporio Armani, Bulgari, Roberto Cavalli, Chopard, Ray Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, and Max Mara. Among the selection of lenses, Zeiss, a world-famous German manufacturer of optical apparatus, takes a prominent place. Eyewear accessories are also available at the showroom and include lens cleaners, holder cords and nose pads.

In providing the customer with a holistic service, digital eye and audio testing equipment are housed at the store with a professional team attending to its clientele’s requirements and personal preferences.

“Everyone should get their vision and hearing checked every five years.

The audiology range of hearing aids and cochlear implants come with advanced features and in many stylish designs and colours.

The inspiration that set Mihira Wickramarachchi, Chairman, on the path of optometry was the purchase in the 1970s of a pair of Karl Lagerfeld spectacles. This led to the establishment of Wickramarachchi Opticians in 1976 which went on to become one of the foremost opticians in Sri Lanka.

“A higher demand for branded items at a lower price resulted in designer labels being manufactured outside of the brand’s country of origin and with affordable material,” stated Mihira Wickramarachchi.

“This has led to a gradual change of course among customers who seek high quality materials, precision technology and durability. I find that clients are increasingly looking more into the technology and design of frames and lenses than just the brand name, unless the manufacturer or designer is known to safeguard those critical features. It is ultimately all about your health and safety.”

Wickramarachchi Opticians  places emphasis on offering products that are made of high quality material and pays particular attention to proper fit.

Also available at the showroom in Cinnamon Gardens are Polaroid lenses and products that serve special purposes and sporting needs. Among these are sunglasses produced specifically for wind-surfers or cricketers and driving glasses fitted with purpose-built lenses that help to minimise the glare of the sun or cut out the effects of sudden flashes of headlights.

“Everyone should get their vision and hearing checked every five years,” Mihira Wickramarachchi advised. “This will help to address at an early stage issues connected to the onset of ailments like glaucoma or diabetes.” He stressed the importance of correct usage in maximising the benefits of a product’s features. Regular cleaning of one’s glasses, especially in the prescribed manner, was deemed vital.

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