Ceylon Cinnamon
Have Yourself a ‘Cinnamon-y’ Christmas

December 2017| 311 views

Cinnamon is a wonderful spice that adds to the air that special fragrance to uplift the seasonal ambience. Thrill your taste buds with some exciting meals and treats that carry the subtle yet distinct aroma and flavour of Ceylon Cinnamon.

Words Keshini de Silva
Photographs Menaka Aravinda and Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham


Annasi Ambula (Pineapple Curry)

Many know of pineapple being eaten fresh as a fruit, in a salad or as juice. In Sri Lanka, however, it also comes as a savoury dish, and will make a lovely addition to your festive Christmas lunch. It can be cooked as a yellow curry or a hot and spicy slow-cooked curry. Ripe or slightly raw, diced pineapple are used flavoured with Sri Lankan spice mixes, including Ceylon Cinnamon, and herbs.

Amberella Dosi (Hog plums fudge)

Wondering what special dessert to serve for that festive meal? Try this preparation of boiled and sweetened amberella seasoned with cinnamon bark and cloves. It could be tried warm with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream.

Seeni Sambol (Spicy Caramalised Onion)

This delicious condiment of caramalised onions is a favourite. Cinnamon plays an important role in creating the unique flavour and fragrance of Seeni Sambol. It adds a festive flare and is enjoyed with hoppers, bread and even burgers. To usher in auspicious blessings, Kiri Bath (milk rice) is prepared for the Christmas and New Year morning tables and the experience would not be complete without a tasty preparation of seeni sambol.

Ala Hodi (Potato Curry)

Rich with coconut milk, cinnamon enhances the flavour of the potato curry. If you are planning to host loved ones to a traditional island meal, Ala Hodi is a must have especially with sultana and ghee rice.

Kurundu Malu Cutlis (Cinnamon Fish Cutlets)

A spicy, crunchy delight! An entire stick of cinnamon is infused in the savoury fish mix and is removed in the end. Once the cutlets have been coated and fried there will be a distinctive exotic aroma. Each bite will be a spicy one, yet with a soothing hint of cinnamon trailing off in your mouth. As a pre-dinner snack or accompaniment for the Christmas lunch, ‘Kurundu Malu Cutlis’ will be quite a sensation.