Roots to a Scoop of Happiness

December 2017| 594 views

Roots has an array of yummy gelato, sprinkled with joy

An ode to the endless summer, Roots Gelato, the latest addition to Roots, will entice you with delightful flavours.

Words Ganga Bandara

Enjoy a scoop of delicious gelato

The inception of Roots dates back to almost twenty years ago when Rienzi Fernando, Managing Director/CEO, and Asoka Kariawasam, Director, ventured into and thereupon revolutionised the making of fruit juices with a fine medley of good quality, freshness and hygiene.

After a time well spent on shopping, Roots at Majestic City Food Court is the ideal place to quench your thirst with great taste and freshness that never ceases to amaze.

A haven for fresh juice, there is an exciting array of fruit and vegetable blends. The range of healthy and delicious smoothies is the best for a well-maintained diet. To satisfy the sweet tooth, Roots also has ice cream sundaes and creamy milkshakes.

The newest addition to the collection is derived from the idea of having a healthy yet delicious gelato zone that exudes Roots’ core values. Therefore, Roots Gelato is a healthy choice that will tingle your taste buds with sorbets and gelato. Roots will be using fresh tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango as well as avocado to create sorbets and gelato.

There is definitely a unique flair to making gelato, since it offers more than a predictable scoop of vanilla. As Javan Fernando, Manager, Roots Gelato, explained, traditional gelato is quite different from ice cream. “Gelato is artisanal – which means using fresh ingredients with no additives, no colouring agents, no artificial flavours or aromas. It has only nine per cent fat and is rich, dense, creamy and smooth.”

Gelato is a frozen dairy dessert made of high quality ingredients including fresh milk, fresh fruits and egg yolks. Thus, the frozen treats at Roots Gelato are a delighful combination of  delicious flavours and nutrients, and will quickly melt in your mouth.

Roots offers premium quality products to their clients by sourcing ingredients from Italy.

Roots at Majestic City for fresh fruit juice and flavoursome gelato

Javan Fernando, who had pursued his studies at the Carpigiani Gelato University – the world’s first university dedicated to ice cream – knows well the art of creating innovative and delightful tastes from the freshest and finest seasonal ingredients.

Apart from the staple of classic chocolate and strawberry, Roots Gelato has an exciting collection of 25 flavours. Glance across the multi-coloured array of creamy gelato and sorbets, mix and match the flavours as the Roots team is happily ready to serve the customised orders of their clients. Lavishly indulgent, you can pair flavours such as white chocolate, mango, mint and chocolate and garnish with a generous amount of chocolate sauce and a sprinkling of nuts. To savour overwhelming combos, grab a waffle cone with a concoction of flavours such as strawberry and panna cotta, wild berry and pistachio or hazelnut and white chocolate. For an exotic twist, try a scoop of the tangy sorbets, including lemon and lime.

Roots will be introducing exciting new flavours for the season – which include Christmas Pudding, Eggnog (gelato and milkshake) Chocolate Biscuit Pudding and Cassata. Roots also serves their dreamy gelato and sorbets at the gelato parlour at Crescat Boulevard and K-Zone Katubedda. There is much more to be expected from Roots that will be full of flavour.

Opening hours: 9am–9pm daily

(until 10pm during the season)

4-1A, Majestic City, 10 Station Road,  Colombo 4; (+94 11) 250 6292