SLT hosts ‘SLT Zero One Awards for Digital Excellence’

December 2017| 190 views

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) will be hosting the 2017 edition of the Zero One Awards for Digital Excellence.

Launched for the first time in 2016, SLT Zero One Awards recognises and rewards excellence in digital initiatives islandwide. The 2017 edition awards businesses and individuals in the areas of Best Digital-Enabled Product or Service, Best Website or Microsite, Best Digital Media Agency, the Best Community Empowerment programme, Best Digital-Integrated Campaign and Best Use of Mobile.

“We saw a need for recognition in the digital services industry. This we were able to identify and address through the SLT Zero One Awards programme. It was received extremely well at the 2016 edition. Therefore, we thought it best to continue the concept for the second year running. I believe Sri Lanka has exceptional talent and has performed remarkably in all spheres of every industry in this technologically advanced era. It is vital that we give due recognition to the outstanding products and services, corporates and individuals who have made that possible,” said Ajantha Seneviratne, Group Chief Marketing Officer, SLT. He added that the SLT Zero One Awards marks winners as industry leaders in their respective fields. It boosts team morale and demonstrates the value of digital initiatives to the wider business world.