Noritake: A Tradition of Perfection

January 2018| 884 views

‘Odessa Cobalt Platinum’ is a blend of majesty and elegance

Noritake upholds a tradition of providing elegantly and beautifully crafted tableware. Signature whites painted in alluring filigrees, mosaics and contouring floras in a rich colour palette defines the brand’s elegant style.

Words Jennifer Paldano Goonewardane

Attention to detail and uncompromising quality are the distinguishing characteristics of Noritake. The artistry in the gold, platinum, silver, classic blues, pretty pinks and fresh greens hewed into silhouettes of curving blooms and even abstracts, have a fluidity that captures one’s notice. The designs are inspirational, varying and vivid, and the brand’s flagship showroom along Dharmapala Mawatha in Colombo showcases a transfixing collection. The decorations on rotund, oblong and rhombus porcelain and bone china demonstrate superior artistry, perfect proportions, flowing elegance as well as refinement. In the versatile white background, the designs have been perfectly planned.

The Japanese tableware brand is a leader in the global industry. Hence, the Noritake Colombo City Showroom provides only premium export quality products. Equal in distinction to the brand’s outlet in, for example, Ginza, Japan, new designs introduced internationally by Noritake are simultaneously made available in Sri Lanka.

Tableware is an expression of taste and personality. Thus, while many love a touch of décor and colour, not everyone enjoys the same degree of flamboyance. Some desire modern and contemporary designs, while others choose a classic and more romantic style. Noritake understands this discernment among its clientele, adding a mere gold edging in some instances or a subtle filigree flowing through or a gorgeously colourful floral pattern that is eye-catching.

Noritake tableware is a symbol of style, finesse and an embodiment of uncompromising quality.

The brand’s extensive range includes Casual and Elegant Dining, Everyday Elegance, the International Collection, Goldmark, Corporate Gifting, Hand Painted, Souvenirs as well as Noritake Hotel and Restaurant Ware.

Chic, mix and match tableware in different shapes

Bone china, premium white porcelain, white porcelain and Fine Casual China (FCC) have the lustre as well as luxury associated with Noritake. A blend of bone ash mixed with feldspar, ball clay, quartz and kaolin, bone china has a translucency with a lightweight warmth and elegance.

The Noritake factory located in Matale, Sri Lanka manufactures one million pieces of tableware per month, which is exported to around 70 – 80 countries. More than 50 per cent of the raw material used is procured from Sri Lanka. Likewise, absolute care is taken to ensure health and safety standards, especially in line with their firm stand to eliminate the use of lead in pigments. Noritake has set a standard for responsible manufacture in the industry.

As a leading international brand, research and development has been a principle area of focus that has enabled Noritake to fit in with the needs of a changing market. The needs of not just one country, but also the tastes of different nationalities are identified. Although a modern brand, similar to evolving trends in lifestyle products, Noritake designs are also reminiscent of a bygone era, both classical and noble.

Noritake appeals to discerning customers. It is an ideal choice for a family heirloom, an investment for generations. Noritake tableware is a symbol of style, finesse and an embodiment of uncompromising quality.

Opening hours: 10am–8pm daily
77, Dharmapala Mawatha,
Colombo 7
(+94 11) 230 1334
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