Living the Hi Life!

March 2018| 483 views

The sleek façade of Hi Life stands out in Koswatta

An upscale, multi-brand department store in Koswatte that promises an unforgettable shopping experience for the entire family.

Words Keshini de Silva
Photographs Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

M Rifan Deen, Founder and CEO, Hi Life

The towering red and grey structure of Hi Life stands out from the quiet, suburban setting of Koswatte. Upon entering the department store, one is welcomed by a myriad of merchandise, from lady’s footwear and handbags to men’s watches and home linen. As shoppers explore the additional four floors, they will find stylish clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

The spacious floors of Hi Life make for a rush-free experience. The department store is arranged methodically, with goods displayed attractively. Clothing items, sourced by the in-house merchandising team comes with the assurance of being of export quality. The team is led by M Rifan Deen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hi Life, who has over three decades experience in the retail sector and understands the needs of modern Sri Lankans. “When establishing Hi Life I wanted to move away from the rush of the city. I wanted to give shoppers a unique experience, where they can shop in a relaxed atmosphere without parking issues.”

The soothing tones of the interior, warm lighting and large windows that open out to the verdant landscapes of Koswatta and Malabe work together to create a leisurely retail atmosphere. A key feature of Hi Life is value for money. Although it is an up-market department store, shoppers will find something stylish and in-trend that also suits their budget.

Adults can explore and choose from the contemporary range of clothing including office wear, casuals and evening wear. There are sarees as well – cotton ideal for everyday wear and elaborately embellished sarees for special occasions. In keeping with the mission to cater to all types of shoppers, Hi Life has a separate plus size section, which features the trendiest styles. Fashion accessories for women, cosmetics and body care products are on offer as well. In addition, souvenirs of Sri Lanka can also be purchased at Hi Life.

Amidst the trendy clothing and accessories available for men and women at Hi Life, shoppers purchase popular Sri Lankan brands. “Quality and style are very important. At Hi Life, we feature collections from Sri Lankan brands who have understood this aspect,” adds M Rifan Deen.

A colourful selection of embroidered sarees

The latest cartoon characters come to life at the store, and if these aren’t enough to hold your little one’s attention, the outdoor Play Area will keep them occupied. Whether a child or adult, neither will be able to pass without stopping by the sweets counter. Parents-to-be will conveniently find everything from prams to baby clothes and baby feeding items, all in one place.

“We take care of our staff, who in turn take care of our customer with friendly service. Customer loyalty is important to us, which is why we offer them value both in terms of our products and service.” Hi Life has a loyalty programme, holds special promotions with a theme every month and offers gift vouchers too.

Whether you are shopping for yourself, a loved one or for your home, visit Hi Life to enjoy a different and relaxed retail experience.

Opening hours: 10am to 9pm (Daily)
402/2, Kaduwela Road, Koswatta,
(+94 11) 274 1700
[email protected] |