Ookla declares Mobitel as the Fastest Mobile Network

March 2018| 83 views

Ookla is the global leader in internet testing, data and analysis. Speedtest, the companyís product is the most accurate way to measure internet performance and network diagnostics. Ookla has declared Mobitel, its Speedtest Award Winner for having the fastest mobile network in Sri Lanka. Speedtest awards are licensed to all the  internet service providers and mobile carriers around the world that are determined by Ookla to be the fastest in their market. Sri Lankaís award was determined using a proprietary methodology of Ooklaís analysis of Speedtest results from Q3-Q4 2017.

In the 2017 Speedtest Awards, the awards for the top providers in speed are determined by using a speed score that incorporates a measure of each providerís download and upload speed to rank network speed performance. Adding upload speeds is a new feature this year with awards from past years focusing on download speed only.

Commenting on the recognition, Nalin Perera, CEO, Mobitel said, ìWinning the Ookla awards affirms Mobitelís commitment to deliver optimal benefits to our valued customers to enjoy being on the fastest and certainly best network in Sri Lanka. This prestigious recognition from a well renowned international body is something that is rewarding to the organisation for its commitment and dedication to ensure that customer expectations are met. Mobitel has built the infrastructure to meet these expectations and will continue to invest in enhancing all aspects of the network in the months ahead to enhance the overall user experience to world-class standards.”