Authentic Thai cuisine at Siam House

April 2018| 170 views

Siam House offers an exciting range of Thai cuisine

Siam House welcomes foodies and connoisseurs to explore the many flavours of Thai cuisine. The restaurant is located down Melbourne Avenue and it imparts a genuine feel of an authentic Thai eatery. The perfect blend of exotic cuisine and the effort that is put into creating an exclusive experience to its patrons has earned Siam House restaurant its well-deserved reputation as one of the most sought-after places for Thai food in Colombo.

Thai cuisine encompasses the very essence of four main regions of Thailand; Northern, Central, Southern and Northeastern. Flavour profiles, ingredients, and preparation methods contrast from region to region. The gastronomy techniques of each region are immersed with the region itself. At Siam House, one can enjoy dishes of all four regions made by expert hands using traditional Thai ingredients and homemade Thai curry pastes.

Since its inception in 1993, the Siam House serves detectable Thai cuisine along with a range of unique and delightful dishes prepared and perfected by the energetic culinary team. Never compromising on both quality and quantity, Siam House always strives to maintain its premium service standards.