25 Years of Authentic Thai Cuisine from Siam House

May 2018| 276 views

Siam House has been providing an authentic Thai dining experience since 1993

Siam House has for decades been treating diners in Colombo to a delicious gastronomic experience, which captures the exotic essence of Thailand.

Words Darrshini Parthepan 
Photographs Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Lionel Fernando, Managing Director, Siam House

Preserving its legacy as the very first authentic Thai cuisine restaurant in Sri Lanka, Siam House emerges into view with a quaint Thai identity amidst a beautiful garden. Elegant lanterns glow in the well manicured garden and two striking statues of Thai beauties with their palm clasped together welcome the diners to the world of delightful gastronomy. The tantalising aroma in the air tingles the nostrils and soothing Thai music invites diners to a hearty feast. Fascinating Thai art and craft gleaming in gold adorn the restaurant and resemble the classical grandeur of Thailand.

The wooden furniture complements the warm, welcoming ambience of the restaurant. Antique lamps in the corners of the walls, striking watercolor paintings and charming Thai trinkets complete the picture of Far Eastern mystique. Diners can also choose to sit in the garden, out on the verandas, or even in the balcony.

Cuisine at Siam House is prepared around a single concept, to provide diners an opportunity to encounter the exciting flavours of all four regions of Thailand – Northern, Central, Southern and Northeastern. This is realised by their team of Thai master chefs who perfectly create the menu of mouthwatering Thai dishes, using techniques specific to each region. Flavour profiles and even ingredients contrast from one region to another. Siam House uses a range of homemade curry pastes such as red, green, masaman, jungle and yellow to maintain the authenticity.  Enjoy generous servings of Thai classics such as Tom Yum Goong – a delectable shrimp soup, Pad Thai stir-fried noodles and Gai Med Ma Moung – stir fried chicken served with cashew nuts and red chilli. Siam House also serves the Thai favourite, Som Tam – a green papaya salad, which combines five exotic flavours. Saku with sweet corn is one of the most popular desserts served at Siam House.

“Even amidst the emergence of many Thai restaurants in Colombo, Siam House remains on top as we take pride in offering our patrons authentic Thai food. Our loyal clientele is a testament to the success of Siam House. For our longstanding clients, dining at Siam House has become a family tradition passed from one generation to another”, stated Lionel Fernando, Managing Director, Siam House.

Delicious favourites at Siam House: Banana fritters, Saku with sweet corn, Som Tam, Gai Med Ma Moung, Pad Thai and Tom Yum Goong

Celebrating its 25th anniversary on May 23 this year, the restaurant takes pride in leading patrons on an authentic culinary journey that is indulgent and distinctive. Siam House was opened in 1993 as the only restaurant in Sri Lanka that served traditional Thai cuisine, and has since strived to deliver its promise of authenticity. The restaurant has been consistently recognised as one of the top restaurants in terms of quality and culinary excellence both in Sri Lanka and Thailand. In celebration of the milestone, Siam House will be issuing a special stamp and first day cover. In addition to celebratory events, there will be special promotions and discounts for the restaurant’s long-standing patrons in appreciation of their loyalty.

Experience the culinary essence of authentic Thai cuisine at Siam House, one of the oldest and most distinguished restaurants in Colombo.

Siam House
17, Melbourne Avenue, Colombo 4
(+94 11) 259 5944
Opening Hours: 11am to 12 midnight
[email protected]