Christell Clinic to complete 1,000 PRP treatments

May 2018| 1,178 views

Dr Shanika Arsecularatne providing treatment to a patient

Christell Clinic, one of the leading cosmetic skin care centres in Sri Lanka, is on its way to completing 1,000 successful platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy treatments.Founded by Prof Ramani Arsecularatne and Dr Shanika Arsecularatne, the clinic has gained a reputation for offering innovative beauty therapy solutions.

PRP therapy is involved in utilising a patient’s own blood which is an advance medical procedure used to regrow hair, treat injuries and numerous dermatological diseases. PRP treatments are considered to be effective with minimum side effects.

“PRP therapy is an incredibly beneficial and completely safe form of beauty treatment that is becoming one of the most researched and sought-after cosmetology therapies available today. As Christell Clinic approaches its 1,000th treatment, we are seeing much greater interest from Sri Lankans seeking effective long-term remedies for a wide range of conditions from combating hair loss to scarring and pigmentation to restore a youth-ful complexion,” stated Dr Shanika Arsecularatne.

PRP is a concentrate of palate-rich plasma protein extracted from whole blood centrifuged to separate red blood cells. The high content of growth factors in the palate-rich plasma accelerates the process of healing.  The well-versed team of clinical specialists at Christell Clinic has performed many PRP facials using Swiss Region Lab technology and other PRP related techniques. PRP facials have become the treatment of choice of celebrities across the world due to the proven effectiveness as an anti-aging treatment method.

“The best medical treatment for hair loss is PRP therapy wherein the patient’s own blood is utilised and the concentrate helps in hair regrowth. In addition, various skin related issues are treated through PRP as the concentrated platelets in PRP contain a tremendous amount of bioactive proteins, which promote tissue repair at an accelerated pace,” stated Prof Ramani Arsecularatne.