Launch of ‘Nokiyu Pravurthi’

May 2018| 633 views

Chethana Liyanage, author of Nokiyu Pravurthi

‘Nokiyu Pravurthi’ by Chethana Liyanage

Renowned news anchor and senior reporter, Chethana Liyanage unveiled her autobiographical memoir ‘Nokiyu Pravurthi’ (Untold News). The book was launched under the patronage of Deshamanya J B Dissanayake, Emeritus Professor of the Sinhala Language.

A detailed recollection of her journalistic career, from experiences during her childhood to first joining the industry, the memoir reveals encounters Chethana Liyanage has not spoken about before.

Dedicated to her parents, veteran journalist Gunadasa Liyanage (Guli) and author/lecturer Kalabooshana Chandralatha Liyanage, the book was launched on the 20th death anniver-sary of her father. A floral tribute was paid to the parents, together with her siblings before the launch. The event was attended by senior journalists, politicians and artistes, including senior management and directors of The Capital Maharaja Organisation.

From her progression as a news anchor, to dealing with the initial fame associated with her role, the book touches on many personal experiences. Chethana Liyanage, was a news anchor for two decades, presenting news on television five days a week for ten years. Extrapolating on experiences such as reporting on the field in the aftermath of the Central Bank bombing in 1996 and the Tsunami of 2004, she highlights the emotional impact and the reporting responsibilities of being a journalist. Liyanage further touches on balancing responsibilities at home and work as a career woman.

“I wanted to take the reader through a novel experience. Though I wanted to provide a guide for news anchors in Sri Lanka, especially new comers through my experiences, I also wanted the book to be relatable to other readers,” states Chethana Liyanage.

Nokiyu Pravurthi, further takes the reader through the transformation of the media industry itself, while focusing on the change to the pre-existing traditional mindset on news after the emergence of private media in Sri Lanka.

“I wanted to take the reader through a novel experience… I wanted to provide a guide for news anchors in Sri Lanka, especially new comers through my experiences.”

The reception to the book has been positive, with compliments for its writing style as well as important notes for all journalists. Emeritus Professor J B Dissanayake had lauded the book for its easy, interesting flow as well as relaxed articulation, which enable an effortless read. Meanwhile, Sundara Nihathamani De Mel, Consultant Editor for Lakbima had complimented Chethana Liyanage on her writing style and encouraged her to continue to write, delving into other subjects of interest.

A collection of memoirs that took the author three years to compile, Nokiyu Pravurthi is a page turner that inspires readers to aim to be the best.