Rejuvenate Your Soul at UTMT

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Dining is a breezy affair, while overlooking the endless ocean

Dining is a breezy affair, while overlooking the endless ocean

Fringed by the blissful coconut palm backdrop of the Southern coast, UTMT is a Ayurveda hotel to revitalise your soul, find your inner-self and enjoy the excitement of sunny beach culture. Showcasing a distinctive identity, the resort is more than anything else, a home away from home…

Words Keshini de Silva
Photographs Menaka Aravinda and Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

The reception at UTMT with warm welcoming tones and snaps of colour

Sapphire waves sprayed on to the rocky coast as we made our way along the Tangalle Road. Amidst groves of coconut palms, large thick wooden doors opened out to a welcoming and truly Sri Lankan coastal scene. Underneath The Mango Tree or UTMT, the Ayurveda resort and spa in Dickwella came into view in splashes of colour and based on Geoffrey Bawa architecture.

Walking in through the wide, spacious reception in subtle timber tones with snaps of colour as well as dashes of Sri Lankan culture, an overwhelming sense of coming home washes over. There is a charming mingling of tropical bliss, island sentiment and typical Hollman style; where one rekindles the connection with nature. As envisioned by Robert Hollmann, Founder and Owner of Hollmann Beletage, throughout the resort are nice features, from a red telephone booth to comical weather metre, that will recall fond memories. With distinctiveness being an important part of the resort’s identity, each room has its own standout features that will appeal to guests in different ways. The accommodation categories include spacious villas with a garden and plunge pool, suites ideal for families, double rooms and the grand villa, each furnished vibrantly with a creative flare and overlooking a mesmeric coastal view.

UTMT curates a wonderful and explorative experience for guests, which focuses on health, wellbeing and the reviving of the soul with Ayurveda at the core. While guests are more than welcome to curate their own holiday routine, the UTMT packages – from treatment to honeymoon, are designed to ensure the most memorable of stays.

One of their hallmarks is the Panchakarma Special, an intense 14-day ayurveda programme, tailored by professional doctors to achieve balance in each person’s Three Dosha. Ayurveda-Pure is for those who seek a less intensive yet revitalising ayurvedic experience. Ayurveda Detox are another specialty that guests can avail themselves to.

The spa, where relaxation and beauty therapies are also offered, is designed to foster a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, illustrated with colour, antiques and features that touch on ancient Sri Lankan design. Guests will truly enjoy relaxing in the stone or wood bathtubs or enjoying intensive ayurvedic treatments while watching the picturesque seascapes.

The Yoga Terrace Studio surrounded by coconut trees and fanned by the sea breeze is another important aspect of the UTMT wellness experience.

The Yoga Terrace Studio surrounded by coconut trees and fanned by the sea breeze is another important aspect of the UTMT wellness experience. All guests can join the early morning yoga session, while meditation takes place in the evening.

Under The Mango Tree (UTMT) Resort and Spa, a charming fusion of tropical bliss with unique flare

With Yoga becoming an important part of the resort’s offering, especially during the off-season of the Southern coast. The entire resort can be booked for Yoga Programmes, and Yogi’s from across the world have chosen UTMT for their sessions, sometimes for upto four weeks.

Cuisine is a key element of the wellbeing that UTMT strives to create. The resort serves the best of Sri Lankan fare, prepared using the freshest seasonal ingredients. It is a delicious fusion of international techniques and traditional recipes with a focus on vegetarianism. However, the Western and non-vegetarian culinary requests by diners are also facilitated. The restaurant preserves a truly breezy resort-atmosphere, with an open concept and overlooking the ocean and pool. After sunset, the setting is ambient with candle-lit lamps on tables and by the pool. The Clubhouse, designed with contemporary artistic style, echoes a sense of elegance amidst simplicity. Here one can discover the island’s various Ceylon Teas and herbal concoctions such as the Yogi’s Brew, while indulging in a relaxing read. There are also daily specials such as Cocktail Tastings to liven the mood. Those who wish to receive a better understanding of food that will enable wellbeing for a long, healthy life, the resort organises Cookery Classes.

From the scenic private beach, to the 25-feet long swimming pool, Centrale Cinema screening movies all day long, and the in-house tailor, UTMT enhances the holiday wellness getaway with a special touch of detail.

Walking about under the coconut trees, guests may be pleasantly surprised by a bowl of fresh fruit or a host of other delightful activities, such as the energising parties held at the UTMT Beach Hut on occasion.

Underneath The Mango Tree Resort and Spa offers a multi-faceted and memorable retreat from the bustle of life. Kick back and replenish your spirit by healing your mind, body and soul through the island’s ayurvedic legacy and pristine natural heritage.

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