Jazz Up Your Night at Curve

July 2018| 316 views

Curve has an intimate and exciting atmosphere amidst a modish purple glow

Curve, the tapas restaurant and bar located along Colombo’s most enchanting street is a chic and stylish place for healthy lunch or an exciting nighttime rendezvous.

Words Keshini de Silva
Photographs Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Harpo Gooneratne, CEO and Founder of Harpo’s Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants

The stroll along the cobbled pathway of Park Street Mews to the Curve adds to the charm of the experience at the tapas restaurant and bar. Especially at night, when the area is lively with twinkling fairy lights and groovy tunes, the atmosphere at the bar, be it inside or outside, is always positively energetic and relaxing.

The interior of the Curve has received a facelift to enhance the cosy and exciting ambience the tapas bar is known for. In the modish purple glow, the sleek intimate setting of the tapas restaurant and bar, complemented by jazzy live music makes this one of the trendiest venues of Colombo’s nightlife.

Established in 2013 by Harpo Gooneratne, CEO and Founder of Harpo’s Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants, Curve essentially spearheaded the tapas culture in the city. “We realised there was a need for live entertainment in the country and the concept of Curve with a tapas menu and live music became popular and the tapas culture has caught on extremely fast in Colombo. After four years, I felt it was time to change the setting because customers always look for something new. The original touches of the curvy theme and purple colour have however been maintained to ensure familiarity,” said Harpo Gooneratne.

Unwind and enjoy tasty tapas amidst a lively atmosphere and jazzy tunes

Walking in customers will be delighted to see the all new long bar and stylish new furniture, while they will also find comfort in the cosy sofas. Toe-tapping music serenades the setting everyday, while from Wednesday to Saturday live music keeps the vibe lively with entertainment from Sri Lankan and international musicians.

Curve, tapas restaurant and bar offers a unique experience with a friendly setting.

As part of the facelift, the Curve is now connected to the Park Street Mews restaurant, providing diners a view of the entertainment as well as easy access to grab an innovative cocktail from the bar. The Vault, the intimate wine cellar, can easily be transformed to a venue for private functions catering to up to 15 people.

Tapas menus have also been a part of the revamp. Curated with deliciousness and health in mind, the menu complements the bar’s degustation of wines and other spirited beverages. The selection of Cold Tapas features a wonderful fusion of Asian flavours with tapas dishes such as ‘Fresh Veggie Vietnamese Pepper Rolls with Feta Cheese Chilli Soy and Peanut Dipping’ or ‘Smoked Salmon Tartare with Cream Freich’e, Capers and Dill’. From the Hot Tapas range, ‘Light and Crispy Tempura Batter Prawn and Soy Chilli Vinegar’ and ‘Crispy Fried Crab Croquettes with Wasabi and Mango Mayo’ are a lip smacking delight, a perfect accompaniment for a night of friendly banter and conversation. One of the highlights of the menu is the ‘Slow Cooked Baby Back Rib with Sherry Glaze and Smokey Barbeque Dipping Sauces’, a tapas dish that will surely keep you coming back for more.

Cold Tapas with a fusion of Asian flavour

Those heading to the Curve for lunch will be treated to the delicious and healthy lunch menu with three tapas deals. In line with his mission to promote healthy eating, Harpo Gooneratne has also introduced a selection of fresh and healthy juices. Along with their lunch, diners can enjoy a refreshing detox juice such as Hot Stuff, a tasty blend of tomato, celery, ginger garlic and carrot.

Curve, tapas restaurant and bar offers a unique experience with a friendly setting. Indeed, it is the perfect place in Colombo to relax, mingle, appreciate good music and relish delicious tapas.

50/1 Park Street, Colombo
(+94 11) 230 0183
Opening hours: 10am till 11pm (Daily) and 10am till 1am (Friday and Saturday)