Osu Kutiya – Fresh, Healthy and Compassionate Cuisine

July 2018| 339 views

(L-R): Chef Indika Pradeep, Chef Publis Silva and Otara Gunewardene selecting fresh greens at the Attidiya Pola in Dehiwela

The culinary programme by Otara Gunewardene and Chef Publis Silva of Mount Lavinia Hotel, explores yet another gastronomic experience while promoting the island’s freshly sourced ingredients. Creating awareness on the benefits of vegan dishes, both in terms of nutrition and the environment, four delectable dishes are prepared, each showcasing that healthy choices can also be delicious.

Words Venuri De Silva

Osu Kutiya takes viewers on yet another gastronomic adventure exploring the fruits, vegetables, greens as well as legumes of Sri Lanka; this time at the Attidiya Pola (fair) in Dehiwela. The island has a bounty of produce, which are easily grown in the backyards of homes. Winding through the busy avenues of the fair, Chef Publis Silva stressed that foods rich in nutrition should be appreciated and celebrated in our dishes. Many of these vegetables, fruits and greens are even emerging in international cuisine as ‘Super Foods’. During their journey through the Attidiya Pola, Otara Gunewardene was delighted by the availability of over 37 different legumes within just one stall.

Whilst guiding Otara through the numerous preparations of fresh vegetables and greens, Chef Publis also explained that although dried goraka is known for flavouring fish curries, the fruit itself can be prepared as a curry. A dish that is tremendously beneficial against diseases such as high cholesterol. One of the greatest learnings of this new series of Osu Kutiya, is that nearly the entire leafy-green plant – from the stems to the flowers, can be used to prepare dishes.

Featuring curries, salads and mallum, the programme highlights the extensive array of flavour one can add to their table, due to Sri Lanka’s amazing culinary heritage which is wholesome as well as cruelty free.

Thumba Karavila (Spiny Gourd) stuffed with Amba (Mango)

Take a bowl of Spiny gourd, also known as Thumba Karawila


Boiled spiny gourd (Thumba Karawila) 8 – 10 Nos
Chopped, ripe mango (Amba) 1 Nos
Chopped onion 30g
Chopped spring onion leaves 10g
Chopped garlic 10g
Mango chutney 25g
Pepper 5g
Salt 5g
Beetroot sprouts to garnish
Turmeric powder 5g


Wash the spiny gourd and keep it in boiled water, mixed with a little bit of turmeric and salt for about a minute.

Chop the onions and mix with mangoes, garlic and onions.

Finely chop the onion leaves and mix with the chutney, pepper, and sufficient salt to taste and add to the mangoes. Mix the ingredients well.

Fill the half cut spiny gourd with the mango filling and serve.

A healthy dish prepared within minutes

Bath (Rice) Rasagulana


The ingredients required to prepare the dish

Steamed rice 400g
Cleaned pomegranate (Delum) 15g
Chopped 3 different coloured bell
peppers (red, green & yellow) 30g
Chopped onion 15g
Chopped raw mango 20g
Sesame oil 15ml
Salt to taste
Saarana sprouts to garnish


Heat sesame oil in a pan.

Add onions, mango and the bell peppers and stir fry.

Finally add the cleaned pomegranate and stir fry for about 20 seconds.

Add the steamed rice and salt to taste. Garnish with Saarana sprouts.

A tempting plate of Bath Rasagula

Dandila (Water Yam or Purple Yam) Soup


Sip a refreshing cup of Dandila soup

Yam 2 Nos
Half a carrot
Lime juice 10ml
Pepper 5g
Garlic 15g
Coriander 10g Coconut milk 150ml
Coconut oil 15ml
Curry powder 5g
Chopped onion 25g
Turmeric powder 5g
Salt to taste 5g


Boil the yams. Add half a carrot and chopped onion leaves to taste if necessary

Blend the boiled yams until soft.

Heat oil in a pan. Add chopped onions, a teaspoon of curry powder, chopped garlic, salt to taste, a teaspoon of turmeric powder and coriander.

Stir fry for about 20 seconds and add the blended yams with coconut milk.

Stir well and leave to boil. Strain the soup and add a little lime to taste.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

Chef Publis explains the process of preparing the soup

Handun Kola (Sandalwood Leaves) Malluma


Healthy Handum Kola Malluma

Sliced sandalwood leaves 100g
Scraped coconut 25g
Pepper 5g
Salt to taste
Chopped onions 25g
Turmeric powder 3g
Chopped green chilies 5g
Lime juice 5g


Mix scraped coconut, pepper, salt, onion, green chilli, turmeric powder, chopped onions in a pan.

Fry the mix in a pan (without oil) for about 10 seconds.

Add the chopped leaves and leave on heat for a few seconds.

Add a little bit of lime juice to taste and serve.