Glitz For a Novel Shopping Experience

August 2018| 1,566 views

The sophisticated façade of the relaunched Glitz in Mount Lavinia

The sophisticated façade of the relaunched Glitz in Mount Lavinia

A distinctive exterior along the bustling Mount Lavinia Road; deep red combined with hues of black, champagne and silver exudes the bold sophistication of the new Glitz flagship store.

Words Venuri De Silva
Photographs Menaka Aravinda and Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

M M M Hafiz looks on as N L M Mubarack, Founder and Chairman/CEO, Glitz ceremoniously hoists the national flag

The relaunching of the new Glitz showroom is significant for its unique design and theme. On entering the store, a jungle concept is evident with displays of overhanging leaf arrangements fringing the various collections.

The first section on the left side covers a display of internationally branded watches and perfumes. Walking on a few steps you come to the the Pink Elephant collection, which is one of the exclusive brands designed for Glitz.

The concept of the Pink Elephant is to create products that reflect the cultural as well as natural elements of Sri Lanka. This brand provides signature Sri Lankan products, inclusive of t-shirts, pants, bags and cups. Vibrant colours and diverse prints of elephants create unique designs of clothing and accessories.

The homeware section features various imported products such as linen, bathware, kitchen and dining table accessories. This follows on to the travel and luggage area where there is a vast collection of travel luggage, backpacks, laptop bags and side bags. The ladies’ bag collection also features ranges from formal to casual handbags, wallets and clutches for parties as well as special events. This section also displays exclusive leather and imported branded handbags. The ladies’ footwear collection is the last section of the entrance hall and features footwear for different occasions.

At the end of the main entrance area is the first focal point of the store. This is a showcase of a jungle backdrop with model animals, designed exclusively for the reopening of the store. Due to a forest theme being implemented within the outlet, a jungle book theme for the ground floor was engineered to blend with the transition from the entrance area of Glitz into the children’s section. The display with its vivid green colours, is home to model snakes and bears, and is also utilised as a photo booth where kids and other visitors would have the opportunity to take some quick and fun photos during their unique shopping experience at Glitz.

The deedat casual and activewear for men

The children’s section features a toy collection, footwear and clothing for kids who are below the age of 15 years. The infant section also features all items neeeded for new-borns; these including diapers, napkins, bottles and many other essential items.

This section also contains the Basic Collection, which is a new concept created by Glitz that introduces the theme of basic plain t-shirts and shirts in a variety of colours and styles. This range also features a range of linen clothing for boys.

The kids collection includes a colourful and vast selection of t-shirts, shorts, skirts and sleepwear for children. This stands next to the Disney Collection, another attraction of the new store. As an authorised seller of Disney products in Sri Lanka, this wide collection carries numerous Disney and Marvel characters with printed t-shirts, shirts, toy collections and backpacks.

The exclusive Huff and Dee collection for a stylish wardrobe

The Accessories section contains a large wall display of water bottles and a vast selection of jewellery and other accessories for your choosing. Walking on there is the beauty section which features beauty brands as well as many perfume brands and skin care products. This meets with the next selection conceptualised as a back to school theme, which holds stationery, school bags, pencil cases, water bottles and socks. There is also a gift wrapping section where customers can get their purchases gift wrapped with ease, if they require it.

The first floor is dedicated to gents’ clothing, footwear and accessories. Climbing up the staircase draws your attention to the second focal point of the store which is a step window display used to highlight new products. This display being a beacon of what to expect on approaching the upper floors.

On entering the first floor, the Glitz brand deedat features sports and active wear collection for men. A mood board with inspirational lines presented on the side and the flat screen showing videos of workouts highlights the essence of the collection. These dynamic elements were designed to create the mood for customers as they walk in; to feel the active motivation and inspiration of beginning their fitness journeys. The range includes shorts, track suits, skinnies and other clothing related to active wear.

The Pink Elephant provides signature Sri Lankan products

The deedat activewear signifies a new and exclusive collection; this intended to be a platform for creating greater awareness and appreciation for the local brands and varieties available for the public. The deedat brand also features casual wear with a wide variety of t-shirts, shorts, shirts and jeans.

Further on is the gents’ formal section which highlights the Glitz brands of MBRK and NLM. This section includes a collection of shirts, trousers, bags and belts.

There is also an exquisite tie collection from the brands MBRK and NLM. This contains ties of a variety of colours and patterns; from polka dots to checks and other designs. Walking on from the formal collection is the white collection as well as men’s footwear, undergarments, sleepwear and sarongs; inclusive of XL and double XL sizes. Passing the deedat collection are the factory items, the Basic Collection for men as well as a linen collection.

On one side there are a set of stairs leading up to the winter wear and swimwear collections. The swimwear collection features the brand Singing Fish, which is an exclusive Glitz brand. These products also include beach toys as well as other summer essentials. The winter wear collection contains a range of heavy winter thermal wear as well as semi-winter wear which is wearable in climates around Sri Lanka. Further on within the room, is a Clearance Sale section where products from all collections are sold at catchy discount prices.

Coming back to the end of the first floor, there is the ladies’ activewear marking a transition of the collections. There is also a massage chair for customers to use if they wish to take a break from shopping.

The second floor turns the attention of customers to another focal point marking the entrance to the ladies’ section. There is an entrance display of colourful, model animated animals and toadstools, with another forest leaf display with the brand name Glitz in gleaming silver. Next to this, is an elegant thematic arrangement which showcases a collection of products merging with the tropical forest theme.

Huff and Dee is the first brand that comes into sight upon entering, which is another exclusive Glitz brand. This collection incorporates the ladies formal and casual wear, smart casual tops, dresses, skirts and trousers.

M M A Deedat, N L M Mubarack, Founder and Chairman/CEO, M M M Hafiz, M A C M Abrar Ahamed and M M A Mahdy at the relaunch of the Glitz Flagship store

Another new collection showcased is the Girls Squad collection which features camouflage designs exclusive to the Glitz stores. There is also a seperate section of linen and the Basic Collection for ladies. Another accessories section includes a variety of socks, belts, side bags and colourful shawls, whilst walking further on, the customers can find the white and XL collections.

On walking up to the third floor there is a mirror-detail concept on the walls of the staircase, which corresponds and interlinks the different themes within the store. This mirrored concept can be seen at the main entrance of the showroom.

Upon entering, there are ranges of ethnic wear, linen collections, lingerie, sleepwear as well as other accessories. The lingerie range features renowned brands. There is furthermore, a specific section dedicated to the Glitz women’s ethnic wear brand Pallu, which features an extensive range of colourful sarees and kurthas for different occasions and of different materials, colours and designs. Customers can avail themselves from an exquisite and appealing range of vibrant handloom to silk sarees.

A vibrant kid’s play station within the same floor is a newly implemented concept and it incorporates a ball pit and various other climbing apparatus. This ensures that the kids are given an experience out of the main children’s section where they can still have fun and play around within the store.

The layout of this store is uniqe as the Glitz flagship store, with greater emphasis given to the exact needs and preferences of customers. This enables Glitz to provide them with exclusive product varieties.

The latest outlet is able to cater to the needs of each visiting customer due to a their friendly and attentive staff. Glitz aims to provide the best for its discerning customers.

Convenience interlinked with fashion and style marks a much anticipated shopping experience for everyone at Glitz.

Glitz Mount Lavinia Showroom
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Opening hours: 10am till 9pm (Daily)