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Ingredients required to prepare Bathala Roti

Seeking inspiration in Sri Lanka’s extensive and nutritious culinary heritage, Osu Kutiya continues to feature recipes of delicious, cruelty-free and wholesome dishes. Hosted by Otara Gunewardene, Chef Pubilis Silva and Chef Indika Pradeep of Mount Lavinia Hotel, the culinary programme further highlights the bounty of fresh vegetables, fruits and greens in the island. These dishes, which are vegan and vegetarian, will delight the taste buds.

Words Keshini de Silva

Bathala Rotti (Sweet Potato Flatbread)

Slowly flip the roti till it is cooked evenly


Skinned bathala (sweet potato) 250g
Coconut oil 30ml
A round cutter
For the Pol (Coconut) Sambol
Grated Coconut 200g
Chopped Green Chilli 5g
Chopped lime pickle 10g
Chopped onion 15g
Red chilli pieces 10g
Salt to taste

A healthy meal is ready to consume


First make the Pol Sambol by mixing the above mentioned ingredients together.
Grate the sweet potatoes.
Mix the grated sweet potatoes with the Pol Sambol.
Add salt to taste.
Heat a little coconut oil on a pan.
Place a round cutter on the pan and fill the sweet potato mix for half an inch of the cutter.
Fry for around two-three minutes. Flip the roti and fry for another two-three minutes and then serve.

Bandakka Curry (Ladies Fingers Curry)

Ladies fingers are chopped


Chopped bandakka (ladies fingers) 200g
Chopped green chillies 10g
Sliced garlic 10g
Turmeric powder 15g
Diced tomato 1
Curry leaves 5g
Chopped onions 30g
Cinnamon to taste
Salt to taste
Rampe (pandan) leaves 1 piece
Curry powder 5g
Fresh coconut milk or water 250ml


Mix onions, cinnamon, rampe, tomato, salt, curry leaves, green chilli and garlic in a pan.
Add half tea spoon of turmeric and curry powder.
Add coconut milk (or water) and boil well.
Once the gravy reaches boiling point, add the bandakka (ladies fingers).
Cook the ladies fingers for around two minutes.
Take the curry off the stove and serve.

A delicious and healthy dish of Bandakka curry