Fashion for all at THE brands WAREHOUSE

September 2018| 732 views

Brands Warehouse allows one to experience the latest fashion trends

Find top brands and the latest styles for your wardrobe at the best prices; all under one roof.

Words Venuri De Silva 
Photographs Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Walking along the Galle Road in Wellawatte, the entrance of The Brands Warehouse marks a distinguishing statement with large steps engineered from the wooden ties of railway tracks and overhanging light shades crafted from up-cycled steel barrels. These features framing the structure and name board of the store, creates the image of what the label ‘the Brands Warehouse’ intended to represent.

Asnaf Yehiya, Director, designed the concept personally with the inspiration of wanting customers to engage in a more minimalistic area with the focal emphasis being the collections of clothes and products in store.

Inclusive of the cashier point, the ground floor displays a range of both women’s wear and general products. The women’s section is featured on the left side with a pants and jeans collection adjoining the entrance while the formals section and ladies’ handbags are presented further on. On the right side there is a wide array of cosmetic and skin care products; this section also including an assortment of wallets, sunglasses, towels, toys and a variety of snacks.

An overview of the spacious interior of the store

The collection for women’s wear continues to the second floor where there is more attention to vibrant ethnic and casual wear. The whole floor paints a palate of colours and patterns with bold printed kurthas and decorative wooden crates holding the softest of scarves for your choosing.

On the third floor, customers will find themselves in a cornucopia of clothing, accessories, toys and books dedicated to children. The kid’s section is renowned to be the highlight of The Brands Warehouse for its specialised collections. A focal visual display embracing the ambience of a warehouse emphasises the latest products one can find. The vast range includes clothing for children from new born to the age of 15 years. The Brands Warehouse proudly assures that the quality of the clothes is always their priority, with a majority being cotton. Looking to the future, the floor will soon cater to a specific collection for young girls from the ages of eight to 15.

At the centre of the third floor is the stairway leading up to the men’s section which displays a variety of exclusive cotton shirts, shorts and pants. The range features both casual, denim and office wear items. Wall displays carry stylish accessories such as footwear, belts and hats. The layout of the fourth floor is unique with the entire area representing a deck above the kid’s section. This deck incorporates elements of wood and iron maintaining the warehouse concept.

Stylish jeans and casual pants for the ladies

The exciting themes of the collections featured at The Brands Warehouse change according to the festive seasons of Sri Lanka. Although there are two outlets within Sri Lanka, at Wellawatte and Nugegoda; this branch caters for a more exclusive experience with fashion and greater customisation in terms of the collections, within a refined and contemporary space.

Covering around 11,000 square feet in total, the outlet has attentive and friendly staff, willing to cater to the needs of the customers.

In line with the vision of a unique shopping experience, visitors to the store are also encouraged to return frequently as their collections are always being replaced; thereby presenting new styles and designs of items on each visit. Recognising individuality and consistently striving to deliver quality fashion for buyers, customer satisfaction is greatly valued at The Brands Warehouse.

Brands Warehouse

25 Galle Road, Wellawatte

(+94 77) 200 7000

Opening hours: 10am till 9pm (Daily)