Guiltless Satisfaction with Café Sugar Free

September 2018| 834 views

Café Sugar Free Loves Life

For those who cannot get enough of heavenly chocolate, sweets and scrumptious snacks but still want to be on top of their health game because one bite is never enough.

Words Venuri De Silva
Photographs Menaka Aravinda

Shani Wickramasinghe,
Founder, Café Sugar Free

The sweet taste has always been one of the four fundamental taste sensations. Today, ‘sugar-free’ is a booming trend and standard with many beneficial properties in confectionery industries. Inspired by the vision that these products provide an opportunity for people to indulge on their sweet tooth without having to feel regretful; the exclusive Café Sugar Free was created by Shani Wickramasinghe through her own company, Angel Solutions, to cater to the niche market of healthy treats in Sri Lanka.

As a novel market for the country, Shani wanted the name of her store and the image surrounding the business to be a reflection and statement of what they offer. With an intial set-up as an online store, Cafe Sugar Free is the first and only Sri Lankan online store for sugar free confectionery. This will cater to the needs of every consumer with easy access and delivery, all available on one website. Gradual future plans of setting up a café where people can actually visit and learn about healthy indulgence while enjoying the products presented, is what inspired the outcome of the name Café Sugar Free. A place centred and consistently catering to all things healthy.

Working exclusively with The Sugarless Confectionery, a globally renowned Australian company, for a majority of the items; the assurance prioritised for customers is that all speciality items are made from healthy ingredients and are of the best quality. This ensures customers that the products offered are the best substitute for general snacks.

A wide range of candy and nibbles are presented on the customised wooden displays; these include varieties of sugarless chocolates, sweets, chews, marshmallows, hard candies, vegan biscuits, sugar-free creamers as well as other vegan and low-calorie items. Vibrant and exciting jellies are also available for young children. Ice cream of different flavours and colours are soon to be an addition to discover.

A wide array of exciting flavours to choose from

Each chocolate, sweet and snack has a unique and curious essence to it; inclusive of unusual flavours of curry, red wine and green tea. These distinctive and unexpected blends of tastes make a visit to the store quite an intriguing experience; as much fun as walking into any candy store. The full flavours also make the sugar free aspect of the sweets unnoticeable.

With updated stocks coming in every month, customers are given the opportunity to try out new and different tastes in order to find their preference. Local produce such as dehydrated fruits will also be available; this will promote and create awareness for the abundance of the island’s natural, authentic crops.

The vision of Café Sugar Free is to provide the needed facilities and knowledge, of being healthy and eating consciously, within Sri Lanka. Shani states that, “Appreciating these products and finding your favourite pick is the best way to provide a beneficial snack for your body, while still satisfying those cravings.” Through this, an experience is catered around trying the new, and out of the ordinary; where temptations are fulfilled and nothing sweet is overlooked.

Café Sugar Free

227/1, High Level Road, Nugegoda

(+94 76) 666 2323

[email protected]

Opening hours: 9.30am till 6pm (Mon to Sat); 9am till 12pm (Sunday)