Keep It Together at ArugamBay Podbay

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Unique in concept and chic in appearance, ArugamBay PodBay has set the tone for a vibrant holiday in a novel setting under the Eastern sky.

Words Udeshi Amarasinghe 
Photographs Menaka Aravinda

The cooling WaterPod, one of the largest swimming pools in Arugambay

The property extends from the main road to the beach and ocean, shaded by numerous trees. Upon entering the vibrant and soothing colours that greet the guest. The resort has been developed according to a novel concept that features compact convertainers in pastel hues arranged symmetrically together in the front and individual rooms facing the bay.

The name ArugamBay PodBay was inspired by the famous quote ‘Open the Pod Bay doors HAL’ from the sci-fi movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, which is based on the book by Sir Arthur C Clarke and the breakthrough Apple invention, the iPod by Steve Jobs. Just like its name the resort is a one-of-a-kind destination in Sri Lanka.

The term Pod also refers to the singular units of the covertainers that have triple occupancy. The interior is a cooling white where a simplistic approach has been adopted so that the compact space is utilized for sleeping only and the remaining time is spent relaxing either in the garden, beach or poolside. All 15 Pods have AC and en-suite bathrooms.

The convertainers are arranged in a manner so that each section has a garden and serves as a space for socializing and relaxing in a group.

Two rooms aptly named HomePod in line with the overall theme are situated between the Pods and the Bay rooms. These rooms are spacious with attached bathrooms and have an outside verandah too.

Stretching beyond towards the beach, the Bay rooms exude a completely different atmosphere. Located as separate units, these rooms are spacious with verandahs facing the ocean, beach and pool. The interiors are comfortable and cosy. All Bay rooms have AC and en-suite bathrooms.

The restaurant, known as the PotPod is open on all sides with colourful tables and reflects the relaxing ambience of ArugamBay PodBay amidst the rustling leaves and gentle breeze. This space is ideal to simply chill and unwind. The cute convertainer kitchen serves delicious breakfast, juices as well as other beverages. Guests can request any dish they like, only a couple of hours is required.

The surroundings are vibrant and bustling at night with a bright beachside vibe that provides a wonderful experience for the guests.

Colourful Pods are arranged symmetrically

The WaterPod, which is the swimming pool at ArugamBay PodBay is one of the largest in the area. The beachfront, termed AirPod is lined with sunbeds and umbrellas so that guests can enjoy the cool air under the eastern sun. From the beach front of the resort, one can see both points of the main bay; Arugambay Point and Pottuvil Point.

ArugamBay PodBay is a creation of BT Options partnered with Don Jayasuriya. BT Options, completely transformed the property under a new concept as well as management. Existing buildings were demolished to build the new restaurant, swimming pool and arrange the convertainers. Rooms were renovated and refurbished to link with the overall theme. The garden was landscaped to provide greenery and freshness to further enhance the beauty of the property.

Great challenges were faced during construction time, which delayed the progress. However, with a positive attitude and determination all obstacles were overcome and ArugamBay PodBay was opened for guests.

AirPod, the beachside lounging area

ArugamBay PodBay is the partner property of the pioneering Paper Moon Kudils in Whisky Point and Arugambay Roccos. Like the other two other properties, all staff at ArugamBay PodBay are full time employees from in and around the area, thus moving away from the norm and setting an example to all. The initiatives of these properties have raised the profile of the area to become a destination that sees visitors all year round. Thus, Arugambay is no longer solely about surfing. Arugambay was selected by Lonely Planet as Asia’s eighth best destination to visit, thus recognising the diversity of the South-East coast.

ArugamBay PodBay has made its mark as a chic, fun as well as a colourful destination that will provide wonderful experiences.

ArugamBay PodBay

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