Mizu at Ramada Colombo for A Japanese Feast

October 2018| 290 views

The charming and inviting ambience of the Gardenia Coffee Shop
Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

At Ramada Colombo, Mizu is an entire menu that blends traditional Japanese food with international flavours to create eclectic fusion cuisine.

Words Jennifer Paldano Goonewardene

Served at the Gardenia Coffee Shop that has a relaxed and casual setting, overlooking the pool and the garden, Mizu Japanese fusion food is served from 11 to 11 every day. The difference in the Mizu menu at Ramada Colombo is, like its name, the great sense of fluidity in the surroundings, with the promise of an exciting fusion of perennially famous favourites of Japanese food.

As we entered the Coffee Shop, the calm and elegant ambience, with views of the poolside enveloped us into a world of its own.

The much anticipated dragon roll arrived, a sushi made of shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado, with rice wrapped around the ingredients and drizzled with spicy mayo. What makes this appetizer delicious is the spiced-up and mashed-up sauce and clearly the crunchy texture of the shrimps. Reconsider your ratings of what makes the most delicious fried chicken once you’ve tasted chicken karaage, a local-palette-friendly snack of light and crispy bite-sized fried chicken served with cocktail sauce and Thai chilli sauce. The blend of ginger and garlic, sake, soy sauce and sugar makes it deliciously special.

The table is set to feast on Mizu Japanese fusion delicacies
Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Light and delicate, the art of serving a table is exemplary, propriety and symmetry are at its core. Metaphorical in every sense, Japanese cuisine exposes the intricacies of its customs and elements of culture. Thus, the explorative appeal of modern times that has taken the trajectory of Japanese cuisine into new domains. Mizu with 68 items on the menu, serves Japanese food that are delightful and gastronomically delicious permutations of the original. Mizu Japanese fusion cuisine has added a twist to the traditional, with emphasis on Japanese ingredients.  The menu boasts a perfect blend of flavours with international tastes but with Japanese cuisine at the fore. The Chicken Katsu Curry, rice served with chicken, onion pickle and vegetables is prepared to a consistency of thickness, sweetness and spiciness. The Chicken Katsudon, described as tasty and warm, is a delicious mix of chicken cutlets, coated in breadcrumbs, served with a sweet and savoury sauce with sautéed onions adding great flavour to the dish. Served with rice, Katsudon permeates a plethora of flavours – meaty, savoury and sweet. The Japanese feast continues with a range of teppanyaki dishes, battered and deep fried tempura, classic native foods. Salmon roll sushi is an authentic Japanese dish, the novelty being the fusion flavour, not forgetting that it’s super healthy. The preparation of salmon in Japanese cuisine is almost sacrosanct, because salmon, tuna and cuttlefish are served raw, quality is what retains taste and nutritional value.

The tempting Dragon Roll
Ramada Colombo

The Mizu Bento Box – slices of raw fish, tender beef, battered and deep fried prawns and vegetables, grilled, broiled and pan-fried meat, fish, chicken and vegetables infused in a range of sauces and flavourings. From Teriyaki sauce to hot mustard and sesame sauce to sake to many tongue-twisters – seasoning has been the defining feature of Japanese cuisine. This food pack is compact and side dishes like sushi, tempura, grilled fish, salad and pickles are served with rice, which is popular among patrons. The Japanese high tea is another first from Ramada as well as for Sri Lanka. A variety of sushi, karaage, tempura, okonomiyaki, with desserts such as wasabi chocolate, ginger chocolate, and green tea mousse takes the experience to a new level. 

Inventive and fresh, the combinations offered by Mizu are exciting.   

Opening hours: 11am – 11pm, Daily

Mizu, Ramada Colombo

30 Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 3.(+94 11) 242 2001

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