A Golden Evening with the Golden Voice of Sonu Nigam

November 2018| 554 views

(L-R): Anura Hemachandra, Managing Director, Vogue; Chandra Hemachandra, Chairperson, Vogue; Singer Sonu Nigam; Udara Karunathillake, CEO, Vogue; Nandana Herath, Chief Operating Officer Vogue and Samantha Hemachandra, Director, Vogue

The jingle for Vogue Jewellers was first aired in 1962 and it has set a record for being aired for almost 60 years since the first year of operations of Vogue Jewellers. The jingle has been scripted by none other than Sri Lanka’s most sought after, legendary lyricist of all times, the late Karunaratne Abeysekera and the music direction was by the late T F Latiff. The distinctive tune of this iconic jingle in its old world charm has remained unchanged although veteran artists had sung several versions over the decades. The vocalist of the original version was veteran singer Rupa Indumathi, while the remake created in the late 1980s was sung by the Queen of Sinhala music Kalashuri Latha Walpola. The latest version in 2000s was sung by Visharada Neela Wickramasinghe. However, with a view of reaching out to the young bridal market, Kavindya Adhikari and Nademal Perera sang to a different tune.

The golden voice of Bollywood, Sonu Nigam visited Sri Lanka to sing the oldest running radio jingle. He sang the Golden Jingle ‘Mangala mudu, mala, valalu…’ in his own style.

Sonu Nigam sharing his thoughts

Anura Hemachandra, Managing Director, addressing the gathering commented, “We are very concerned about the young generations who are the future brides. Thus after much discussion, the idea came up to invite an internationally acclaimed Bollywood singer to sing the jingle for Vogue”.

Sonu Nigam, sharing his thoughts said, “This jingle has a very important place in the hearts of Sri Lankans and customers of Vogue Jewellers. To be a part of Vogue is a reason for me to be happy about it.”

This radio jingle was created during the days of Radio Ceylon, Asia’s first and the world’s second radio station. The late Chairman of Vogue, Sarath Hemachandra pioneered several strategic moves, and he set up the Vogue head office in Colpetty. During an era where the jewellery hub was the Sea Street, Sarath Hemachandra wanted to do something different and thus began the journey of the first jingle. The Vogue showroom is the largest showroom of its kind, displaying a wide range of jewellery with an exclusive range of 22k bridal jewellery.