House of Fashions on Duplication Road is Back!

November 2018| 1,496 views

House of Fashions, Colombo 4 reopens its store to cater to its loyal customers

The landmark shopping destination has reopened its doors on Duplication Road, thus providing customers two House of Fashions to satisfy all their needs.

Words Udeshi Amarasinghe
Photographs Menaka Aravinda and Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Preethi and Neelamani Jayawardana, Founders, House of Fashions

Preethi Jayawardana and Neelamani Jayawardana decided to open their second location, co-incidentally their previous store, on Duplication Road, Colombo 4 due to the overwhelming requests from loyal customers who missed the convenience and proximity of the store. “Once we opened the House of Fashions Mall in Borella, we were happy and had no intention of opening another. Otherwise, we would not have closed this building for four years. Our customers requested from us repeatedly and thus we decided to reopen”, explained the dynamic duo.  Therefore, the familiarity of the Duplication Road store was maintained, while enhancing the look and feel. “We did not make any significant changes as we wanted the customer to remember the store as it was, so that it would give them a feeling of returning home”, they further explained.

The friendly staff greet customers as they enter, thereby creating a warm ambience. As you look up the beautiful spiral staircase rises floor by floor indicating the height and large expanse of House of Fashions, thus reflecting the variety of items available within.

The ground floor is dedicated to household items that range from linen, towels, pillows to kitchen utensils. The open space floor circles around where one can freely browse through Sri Lankan spices, coconut products, souvenir t-shirts and other trinkets.A special tea corner provides a delectable collection of Ceylon Tea.

The ladies section on the first floor offers an extensive and colourful collection

Up a floor, and it is the ladies wear section offering a multitude of designs, colours and sizes to cater to any occasion or time of the day. The open space floor has various sections dedicated to casual pants, trousers, dresses, t-shirts, blouses, skirts, office wear, night wear and many more. The customer can mix and match according to their own style and preference. The collections are massive and varied thus providing a great choice for the ladies.

Climbing the stairs to the second floor, it is definitely a children’s paradise. Toys of various types such as soft toys, action figures, dolls, bicycles, boats, roller skates and also fun, educational and creative packs are available for youngsters to select from. Baby and infant needs are catered to as well with a selection of cots, bouncers, infant wear and many more. The children’s clothing collection is colourful and diverse with all types of attire.

All clothing requirements for the modern gentleman are available on the third floor

The children’s section gradually transcends to the winter section that provides a good selection of warm clothing for the cold climes. Thereafter on the third floor, it is everything that the modern gentleman needs. From sportswear to casual, evening and office wear there are various design and colours for a smart attire. T-shirts, shorts, trousers, shirts, ties, blazer and smart jackets make up the gent’s collection. The sports section displays swimming caps, snorkels, badminton rackets, flippers, small body boards as well as football, volleyball and badminton nets.

Men’s evening wear section gradually merges with the exquisite saree collection for ladies. Pure silk sarees in bright shades and patterns, unique designer sarees and comfortable cottons are part of the selected collection.

Neelamani and Preethi Jayawardana presenting a return air ticket to Bangkok to M Sallapandi, the customer who won the raffle to open the store

A choice of clutches for various functions and handbags for everyday use have been provided for customers to match with their attire. Travel luggage and backpacks are available on this floor as well.

Shopping at the House of Fashions is definitely an experience as it provides many of your requirements in one location. While the Borella Mall, the largest retail store under single ownership in South Asia, and the Colombo 4 store differ in concept, providing high quality products at a reasonable price have remained the same. “Famous brands are provided at affordable prices because House of Fashions made the biggest revolution in the retail industry. Sri Lankans are able to dress fashionably for this reason. That is why our customers love us”, says Preethi and Neelamani Jayawardana.

Opening hours: 10am to 8pm daily

10am to 5pm Mondays & Poya days

House of Fashions

28, R A De Mel Mawatha

(Duplication Road), Colombo 4

(+94 11) 258 0620

[email protected]