Osu Kutiya: Fresh, Healthy and Compassionate Cuisine

November 2018| 611 views

Otara Gunewardene flips the coconut shell filled with Compittu while Chef Publis provides inspiration

Inspired by the island’s gastronomic traditions and native ingredients, Osu Kutiya returns with dishes promoting nutrition that is both delicious and cruelty free. Entrepreneur and thought leader, Otara Gunewardene and Chef Publis Silva of Mount Lavinia Hotel provide inspiring dishes made with the freshest produce available in the island.

Words Keshini De Silva

The latest recipes feature Waraka, the nation’s much-loved fruit that is rich in minerals, vitamins and flavour. You can also learn how to prepare a delicious vegan Compittu, inspired by the popular Sri Lankan children’s game. Of tongue-tingling goodness is ‘Thambun Hodi’, a dish that has passed through the Sri Lankan kitchens for generations as a cure for sore throats, fever and indigestion. Leveraging on the island’s bountiful produce – many of which have received international acclaim as superfoods, Osu Kutiya encourages everyone to adopt a healthier and considerate lifestyle. 


The ingredients required to make Compittu


Carrot 50g

Bell pepper in mixed colours 50g

Leeks 500g

Cooked rice 500g

Chopped onion 20g

Chopped garlic 20g

Kohila 50g

Salt to taste

Corn oil 30ml

Crushed pepper 15g

Turmeric powder 30g

Delicious Compittu – ready to taste


Heat the oil in a pan.

Add all ingredients except rice and sauté for 15 minutes.

Finally add rice and mix well.

Fill an empty coconut shell with the mixture.

Flip it onto a plate similar to a Compittu, and serve.

Waraka Rividi Saladaya (Ripe Jackfruit Salad)

A bowl of nutritious Waraka Rividi Saladaya (ripe jackfruit salad)


Waraka 400g

Rividi (skin of seed) 100g

Tamarind 50g

Chilli pieces 10g

Salt 10g

Lime juice 15ml

Corn oil 25ml


First remove the tamarind seeds and put the tamarind in a bowl.

Then add chilli pieces, salt, corn oil and lime juice.

Leave the mixture aside for about 10 – 15 minutes.

Chop the waraka and rividi into small pieces.

Mix with the tamarind dressing prior to serving.

Carrot Devilled

Flavourful carrot devilled


Sliced carrot 500g

Diced Bombay onion 2

Cubed tomatoes 2

Garlic 25g

Rampe (pandan leaves) 5g

Curry leaves 5g

Chilli pieces 20g

Crushed pepper 10g

Salt 10g

Turmeric powder 20g

Coconut oil 15ml


Deep fry the sliced carrot. 

Heat the oil in a pan, add in all the other ingredients
and stir fry. Finally add the carrot and mix well. 

Simmer on a slow fire for around 10 – 15 minutes.

Thambun Hodi (Sri Lankan Rasam Gravy)

Thambun Hodi


Cinnamon 20g

Garlic 20g

Coriander 15g

Curry leaves 10g

Peppercorn 5g

Tamarind 50g

Sesame oil 25ml

Salt to taste

Boiled dhal water 1l


Mix all ingredients together and boil with dhal water. 

Stir in sesame oil and serve.