Art and coffee with Ilham Sanoon

December 2018| 229 views

The exquisite works on display at the BlackLit Galleria

Ilham Sanoon, an entrepreneur, came upon his hidden talent by chance  in 2013. Scribbling meaninglessly on a crumpled piece of paper, unleashed a talent and a style of art so intricate and unique, it captivates the beholder from the time they first set eyes on it.

The revelation of skill led him to pursue and improve on this talent. Within a short span of three years, Ilham mastered a style uniquely his own. His art is a blend of Fine Line art and Psychedelic art which incorporates extreme depth and stylization of detail.

“The interest came as a surprise to me and my family. It was completely accidental. I was interested in many styles of art, but never had the opportunity to devote myself into this field. One day, it all just came gushing out,” he said. Countless hours of spirals, concentric circles, diffraction patterns and motifs resulted in Ilham’s collection of hundreds of masterpieces.

Ilham Sanoon working on his unique creation

His swirling patterns accompanied by dainty lines and  detailed visual articulation reflect the nature enthusiast within, from where most of his inspiration is drawn. His creations are amplified by his choice of colour. His delicate black lines on a white background combined with deep narration distinctly stands out to the viewer.

His talent and passion towards fine art led Sanoon to open the Blacklit Galleria at Lauries Lane Bambalapitiya, displaying his works of art. Ilham has exhibited his art since 2015 with ‘Black and White Solo’ at his gallery and in association with Leo Burnett, George Keyt Foundation and with Plate Loft Gallery.

He is currently looking to provide a heightened viewer experience by integrating with a high quality blend of Maldivian coffee by 2019.