Art of Healing with Rasa Medicine

December 2018| 194 views

Dr R L Kularathne with the MASSCO award

Hailing from ancient Vedic lore, Rasa Medicine is a healing therapy that follows natural and non-intrusive methods to treat ailments.

It offers time-tested and effective remedies to a wide array of serious health conditions, such as heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and some forms of cancer. The Rasa Medicine therapy is non-invasive, and therefore eliminates the risks caused by invasive surgical procedures. The therapy is administered using natural elements and hence Rasa Medicine is relatively affordable.

Rasa Medicine Practice in Sri Lanka are conducted by the award winning Rasa Medicine Practitioners Dr R L Kularathne as well as Dr Chandrika Kularathne. It has made unrivalled accomplishments in the past, including the cure for Leukaemia, healing coronary heart disease without surgery, permanent solutions for diabetes and chronic kidney diseases and a simple remedy for dengue.  The Rasa Medicine Therapy is a treatment series using a fusion of purified metal, herbs and other natural substances. The substances are subjected to a calcination process that further purifies them and enhances their medicinal traits.

In essence, Rasa Medicine therapy restores natural balance in one’s maligned physique, with the help of sources from nature.

Sri Mangala Osuhala in Moratuwa, operated by Dr Lalith Kularathne and Dr Chandrika Kularathne facilitates Rasa Medicine practice in Sri Lanka, offering proven and simple treatments to a vast array of health conditions and promoting healthy living.

On a recent occasion, Dr R L Kularathne was also bestowed with a MASSCO award.