Botanik Rooftop and Bistro Bar: a Tropical Paradise

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Enjoy the twinkling lights of Colombo and toe-tapping music at the Rooftop Terrace

Chic and serene, Botanik Rooftop and Bistro Bar creates a charming setting to enjoy the vibrancy of Colombo. Located on the eighth floor rooftop of Fairway Colombo Hotel, Fort, Botanik offers stunning views of the heart of the city. As lights begin to twinkle in the surrounding buildings in the evening, the rooftop bistro becomes a glamourous destination to indulge in Colombo nightlife.

Words Gayathri Kothalawala
Photographs Menaka Aravinda and Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Segregated into three distinct seating areas, Botanik provides a cheerful ambience where guests can enjoy the transition from day to night. Walking into the contemporary Bistro that faces the kitchen of Botanik is akin to walking into a lovely garden. Beautiful murals of tropical flowers and greens adorn the walls. Interspersed among the dining tables are potted plants, again adding to the ambience. Formal yet warm and serene, the bistro is the ideal space to enjoy dining in style.

The Veranda, the long corridor area that faces the bar is an indoor and outdoor setting where guests can enjoy al fresco cuisine. The vintage posters that hang on the walls enhance the effect of the laidback lounge area. The colourful mosaic of the tiles, the glimmering display of the bar and the views of the terrace create an engaging ambience.

Indulge in the vibrant ambience of the contemporary Bistro

Circling the rectangular bar where mixologists work their magic, a guest can access the Rooftop Terrace. Glittering fairylights draw one’s attention upwards. The fortuitous location on the eighth floor of Fairway Colombo, at the historical heart of Fort, offers stunning views to guests at Botanik. The Terrace becomes an enchanting place at night, allowing guests to dine and dance the night away. From the Rooftop Terrace, guests can admire the resplendent views of the city that include the glittering lights, Colombo Harbour and the surrounding Fort area.

Conceptualised by Cantaloupe, Botanik is focused on offering a carefully curated menu that offers delectable dishes. Prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from Sri Lanka, Botanik prepares international cuisine with a unique island flavour. The menu was originally created by Rishi Naleendra, the first Sri Lankan Michelin Star Chef.

“We do not want the menu to be typical Sri Lankan cuisine,” commented Nizran Yazid, Sous Chef, Botanik. “The most important thing is that we have an international menu and it has been modified in many ways to suit the island. But now we want to familiarise the flavours and the cooking techniques. What is interesting is that many cuisine that we consider international, BBQ for example, which we would assume as American BBQ or Korean BBQ has been in Sri Lanka for a long time but with different culinary techniques. We hope to reintroduce such cuisine”.

The distinctive features of the bar on the Rooftop Terrace and splendid aura create a lively vibe

Inspired by botany, the bar at Botanik is where mixologists create the perfect cocktails accompanied by fresh fruits or herbal ingredients. The bar offers a range of delectable beverages that guests can enjoy.

Botanik also hosts Pop-Ups and Take Overs, featuring renowned international chefs and restaurants. Chef Jessica Heath, Bombay Canteen and Meat Smith are some of the featured, whose stellar culinary skills have enhanced the menu of Botanik. An all-day dining venue, a guest can arrive in time for lunch, and work leisurely at the bistro or veranda while enjoying delicious cuisine. As the sun sets, the guest can venture outside to the Terrace, and enjoy the evening filled with good music, beverages and food.

Opening Times: Lunch:  Tue to Fri 12pm to 3pm. Dinner: Tue to Fri  5.30pm onwards. Weekends  5.30pm onwards.

Botanik Rooftop and Bistro Bar,

7, Hospital Street, Colombo 1.
(+94) 76 644 5888

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