Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala; Earthen Goodness for Healing

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The state-of-the-art Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala provides effective treatments for various ailments

At Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala, a predominant stream of Indian Vedic alchemy, Rasa medicine therapy fuses the essence of earthen minerals and herbs with the wisdom of ancient healing techniques to acquire a healthy life.

Words Darrshini Parthepan  
Photographs Menaka Aravinda

Dr R L Kularathne and Dr Chandrika Algama Kularathne, Founders

Paving the way to a new dimension in indigenous medicine treatments in Sri Lanka, husband and wife, Dr R L Kularathne and Dr Chandrika Algama Kularathne established Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala and Sri Mangala Surgical-free Hospital in Moratuwa.

Hailing from a family that has shaped the medical sector of the country, Dr R L Kularathne and Dr Chandrika Algama Kularathne introduced Rasa Shasthra treatments to the country with the aim of helping people achieve a wholesome way of living in perfect harmony with nature.

Dr R L Kularathne’s father Dr R J Kularathne studied Rasa Shasthra under Waidya Muhandiran M A P Waidyasena who was one of the best students of Brahmin Pandit Bhudeva Mukarajee, former lecturer, University of Calcutta, and author of Rasa Jala Nidhi. Following in his father’s footsteps Dr R L Kularathne also embarked on excelling Rasa medicine practices. According to Dr R L Kularathne, the history of Rasa Shasthra or Rasa medicine therapy traces its roots back to the times of Nagarjuna, a great Buddhist Sage lived in neighbouring India centuries ago. “Nagarjuna was renowned for his extraordinary acumen in processing minerals including precious metals and gemstones with respect to their alchemic as well as therapeutic utility”, says Dr R L Kularathne.

The elegant and spacious hospital provides
extensive treatments for patients

With the advent of Rasa Shasthra by Nagarjuna, rasa medicine became a way of life in ancient India due to its miraculous healing powers. Rasa Shasthra enables human beings to interact with the fundamental elements of nature; patavi, apo, vaayo and akasha. A time-tested branch of medicine, the basic principals of Rasa Shasthra consist of Shodhana and Bashma or purification of metals and minerals.

“Through a complex process of refining and purifying, heavy metals such as mercury, gold, silver, iron and copper are detoxified to enhance their therapeutic traits. A range of purpose-made apparatuses and appliances are used in refining the minerals as making them physically soft, edible and absorbable is important in Rasa Shasthra”, added Dr Chandrika Algama Kularathne.

Ashes of Mercury (white) and gold (red) are used as ingredients in Rasa Shastra

With over three decades of experience and knowledge in the field of Rasa medicine therapy, the duo continues to revive the hopes of patients who are suffering from chronic and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart diseases, renal failure, liver diseases, hypertension, cholesterol and Parkinson’s disease as well as various forms of cancer.

The state-of-the-art hospital provides extensive treatments for patients from across the world. With a well-versed staff committed to provide compassionate care and professional service, Sri Mangala Surgical-free Hospital excels in specialty care. Apart from medical treatments, Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala also provides a range of effective Rasa treatments to de-stress the skin for radiant and youthful results.

The non-surgical treatments provided by Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala promote a speedy recovery and also ensure the peace of mind of patients.

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