Suriya: Embracing the Essence of Tradition

February 2019| 272 views

Customised furniture at Suriya reveal a unique identity

A treasure trove of contemporary aesthetics with a classical flare, Suriya specialises in designing and crafting unique décor and elegant furniture for interiors and outdoor areas.

Words Darrshini Parthepan
Photographs Menaka Aravinda

Intricate statues and brass trinkets

Upon entering the quaint emporium on Layard’s Road in Colombo, a vast selection of exotic artefacts, furniture and décor greets the visitor. Every nook and corner of Suriya is aesthetically pleasing décor that catch one’s immediate attention. Amidst this creative medley the chances of stumbling upon novel products are numerous.

Shelf upon shelf of terra cotta sculptures, basketsful of tiny ornaments, stacks of crockery and rows of meticulously crafted statues flank the narrow isles of the showroom. Every single item within the walls of the showroom exudes a unique character and demonstrates the dexterity of the craftsman.

The ambience is colourful and bright, inviting the onlooker to explore and delve into the alluring world of Suriya. Determined to revive the fading traditions of the island, Suriya impeccably fuses the delicate elements of authentic crafts with subtle touches of modernity to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Amidst beautiful temple arts recreated on canvas, novel illustrations in vibrant hues add a striking contrast. Eye-catching monochrome drawings in sleek black frames adorn the walls. Deeply expressive and elaborately carved statues of the Buddha and composed images of monks evoke a sense of serenity and peace. Brilliantly crafted reproductions of antiques, brass oil lamps and painstakingly chiselled traditional masks reflect the rich heritage of Sri Lanka. Decorative mirrors with detailed frames featuring traditional floral motifs are exemplary of the perfect balance maintained between tradition and modernity. This combination of traditional elements in modern designs has resulted in statement pieces that stand out from the ordinary. The exquisite array of candelabra, vases, ornaments, woven baskets and wooden chests crafted by craftsmen from across Sri Lanka seamlessly merge artistry with function.


The signature bedroom furniture exude charm and elegance

Suriya also features a wide range of household linen including cushion covers, table mats, curtain fabrics and upholstery in vivid patterns and shades. Stacks of vibrant cushions on display add a bright pop of colour to the showroom. Hand stitched canvas shoulder bags adorned with dangling tussles, straw tote bags and chic straw hats echo a simple elegance that will enhance any outfit.

The extensive selection of furniture at the showroom includes Suriya’s signature furniture range as well as designs that hail from centuries ago, creating a link between time and places. Suriya also manufactures customised furniture to create distinctive and exclusive furniture for their discerning clientele. The wide range of outdoor décor ideas such as intricate garden sculptures add a sense of style and solidarity to natural landscapes and provide inspiration to customers.


Classically contemporary aesthetics to adorn living spaces

While celebrating the heritage of Sri Lanka, Suriya empowers the talented artists and craftsmen of the island by recognising and adding value to their skills.

The myriad of home décor and interior features at Suriya crafted by Sri Lankan artisans using materials from the island is ideal for creating harmonious living spaces.

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