Vogue Jewellers: With you Forever

March 2019| 927 views

A stunning rose-gold ring embellished with diamonds
Vogue Jewellers

Embodying heritage in their fashion forward designs, Vogue Jewellers has surpassed time and tradition. In a journey of creating lasting beauty and providing an impeccable service, the jeweller has radiated the statement: “With you forever”.

Words Roomini Wijayarathne
Photographs Menaka Aravinda

A sophisticated showroom in Colpetty with an opulent façade draws clients from across the island into the welcoming interior of Vogue Jewellers. From the moment you step in, staff is ready to provide personalised assistance.

The charming ambience is enhanced by the ivory tones in the interior décor and the soft music that flows through. Delicately placed in the glass showcases that line the walls are unique and intricate jewellery, designs that radiate with acclaim for Vogue Jewellers.

Rose-gold jewellery featuring stunning designs are the highlight on the ground floor, the rosy tinge adding a youthful touch to the collection. The innovatively crafted necklaces, ear studs and bangles with a classical flare would gracefully complement the stylish woman.

Tusker collection, inspired by the gentle giant, blends traditional motifs with trendy modern styles

Innovation is at the heart of Vogue Jewellers. Evolving with trends and creativity, Vogue Jewellers has introduced nail art rings. The novel ornamental ring with nail art is chic and modern; perfect for the fashionable lady.

Walking through the first floor, there are delights at every angle. A collection of sapphire necklaces and ear studs glimmer through the showcases. The designs vary from simple and elegant to magnificent statement pieces. Attractive collections embellished with precious and semi-precious stones are also available, each gem mined from the rich Sri Lankan soil.

A timeless elegance inspired by the grand chandeliers of the Vatican City has been infused into the intricate Chandelier earrings, a famed and an enduring design. A design conceptualised decades ago, the Chandelier earrings have once again emerged under the spotlight of modern fashion. Vogue Jewellers captures this classic style in designs that would ensure that the wearer makes a daring statement.

The charming ambience of the Vogue Jewellers showroom is enhanced with subtle aesthetics

One of the most outstanding features of the showroom is the Tusker Collection, inspired by the regal gentle giant that roams free in the wilds of the island. The collection embodies Vogue Jewellers’ signature style of fusing traditional and modern aesthetics. Bold, elegant and versatile, the heritage-inspired jewellery symbolise traditional Sri Lankan wedding embellishments. However, the modern appeal of the designs ensures the Golden Truffle Chains can complement a trendy look. To complete the collection’s aura of sophistication, Vogue has introduced the Tusker Bangles. With striking curves and eye-catching motifs these bangles are inspired by the adorned legs of the tusker. Similar to the Golden Truffle Chains, the Tusker Bangles demonstrate fine craftsmanship and supreme quality.

Vogue Jewellers has for decades been celebrated for its Bridal Collection, a range that is proudly displayed on the second floor. Wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and traditional bridal jewellery are featured in varying design aesthetics. Crafted with attention to detail, Vogue Jewellers ensures the collection suits both modern and conventional tastes. Customers with a specific design or style in mind can avail themselves to the bespoke service. Vogue Jewellers will fashion the design in your mind with intricate craftsmanship and fine quality to ensure utmost client satisfaction. It is this dedication to serve customers, leading the industry, that has propelled Vogue Jewellers to be internationally recognised for their creativity and state-of-the-art designs. Indeed, they are the first jeweller in Asia to be awarded ISO certification.

Drawing inspiration from the island’s rich culture and design traditions while evolving with modern trends, Vogue Jewellers continues to etch on its timeless legacy.

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