Life Food For Healthy Living

April 2019| 396 views

The bright dining area provides scenic views across Beira Lake.

In the heart of Colombo, amidst the shade of a large tree, Life Food, a boutique restaurant provides scenic views across the Beira Lake while serving the most nutritious cuisine.

Words Tatiyana Welikala.

 Photographs Menaka Aravinda.

As you step into Life Food, you are instantly drawn to the cozy and warm atmosphere. With groovy music playing in the background, a cheerful smile immediately welcomes you to your seat either on the comfortable sofa, chairs or on the cushioned stools arranged neatly around wooden-top tables. A pleasant surprise awaits, as you discover that the restaurant actually extends to a space of three floors. With a passion for serving health-conscious meals, Tamara Raymond, Founder, began her journey initially with the idea to offer sauces, fruit juices, and salads at the Good Markets in Battaramulla and Lakpahana.

The white cooling walls of the restaurant are adorned with various potted plants, and inspirational quotes that reflect the diner’s concept for healthy lifestyle choices. Glass bottles with colorful flowers make chic wall décor on the exposed brick walls throughout each floor. A hint of turquoise on the floral patterned cushion furniture and tableware adds soothing textures in contrast to the rustic floors, windowpanes, and ceilings.

Life Food is focused on serving nutritious and delicious cuisine that is carefully curated by Tamara. The menu is a beautiful fusion of flavors inspired from around the world and served with a unique island essence. “I’m a home cook, and I love trying new flavors. I want to make something simple and healthy so that you can go home and replicate the dish”, explains Tamara.

Crunchy salads are the star meals at Life Food. Honey-Honey is a signature salad dish served with pan-fried chicken and a special honey mustard dressing that  is relished by customers. The salads offered are served in generous portions that are enough to make a satisfying meal. One of the highlights of the menu is the Chimmy-Chimmy. This is a protein meal with avocados, black-eyed peas, mushroom, tomatoes, corn, and Chimichurri sauce. Roastys is another favorite dish among customers; Kurakkan bread is toasted with a savory filling to create a delicious sandwich.

The Chimmy-Chimmy is a highlight in the menu.

Sunlight filters through the large windows to the cool kitchen located on the first floor. The open juice bar lets you see all the magic that goes into mixing the extensive range of fresh juices, green smoothies, and wellness blends. All of these drinks are infused with natural sweeteners, fruits, and herbs with numerous health benefits. The dining area on the third floor can easily be transformed into a venue for private functions and business meetings catering to up to 20 people.

Serving an all-day breakfast, customers can arrive in time for lunch and enjoy the relaxing environment or just unwind after a day’s work while enjoying a mouthwatering meal or refreshing beverage. Life Food uniquely presents all their cuisine in a bowl to ensure that you savor all the elements that complete a dish.

The laidback arrangement of the restaurant draws a regular clientele and the limited area for dining allows you to mingle with guests and become acquainted with the staff members. “It’s a small space, so you inevitably have to engage in a conversation,” smiles Tamara.

Determined to promote healthy eating, Life Food is the perfect place in Colombo to experience a friendly setting and indulge in wholesome cuisine

Life Food, 31, Perehara Mawatha, Colombo 3; (+94 11) 722 5433

[email protected];

Opening hours: 9am – 10.30pm
(Monday to Friday) and 10am – 10.30pm
(Saturday, Sunday and Poya Days)