Mobitel’s 5G Revolution

May 2019| 161 views

The first 5G smartphone connected to the Mobitel 5G network for the first time in
South Asia being displayed by Shunli Wang, Chief Executive Officer, Huawei Lanka;
Nalin Perera, Chief Executive Officer, Mobitel; and P G Kumarasinghe Sirisena, Chairman,
Sri Lanka Telecom and Mobitel.

Mobitel showcased South Asia’s first 5G deployment over a Mobile Network, which followed the 5G deployments in the USA and South Korea. 

Mobitel’s 5G revolution is another step in this exciting journey.

P G Kumarasinghe Sirisena, the Chairman of SLT Group speaking at the launch of Mobitel’s all-encompassing 5G showcase said, “Sri Lanka through Mobitel has positioned itself as a global leader in technology. I am grateful to TRCSL, the Telecommunications Regulatory body in Sri Lanka for enabling Sri Lanka’s technology experts to showcase the country’s technology leadership and ability on an international level, bringing reputation to Sri Lanka through trials and pilot deployments.”

Nalin Perera Chief Executive Officer, Mobitel said, “Mobitel, has shown that we can lead in technology, and what great success can be achieved through teamwork. Mobitel being recognized on an international stage is a significant achievement and we will celebrate as Sri Lankans first as we begin to enjoy this 5G revolution by Mobitel.’’

Rasantha Hettithanthrige, Senior General Manager – Engineering and Operations, Mobitel upon sharing his thoughts, stated, “Bringing Mobility to 5G is truly groundbreaking at this moment of time. Getting high-speeds is easy, but giving it wirelessly and with mobility is truly phenomenal.”