Sunrise By Jetwing Sun, Sands And Seas

May 2019| 506 views

Evergreen trees, golden tinged sands and the deep blue sea create a tropical paradise.

In the serene and beautiful Passikudah Bay, is a property known for its glorious sunrise, pristine sands, and idyllic repose: Sunrise by Jetwing.

Words Roomini Wijayarathne. 

Photographs Menaka Aravinda.

A lingering fragrance of citrus and harmonious music welcome the guest to Sunrise by Jetwing, tucked away in the tropical bliss of the East Coast.

The lobby, open from three sides, offers a stunning panoramic view of the property. Warm, subtle hues of the hotel give way to the beautiful aquamarine of the swimming pool that is directly below the lobby, and as the guest looks further, to the deep blue of the Indian Ocean. Evergreen trees grow in abundance in the garden, sand tinged golden in the evening sun. Dainty pathways that lead to the guest quarters and the beach crisscross under the foliage, creating a dreamy setting. Lights hanging from the lofty ceiling of the lobby are enveloped in conch shell-shaped rattan casings, and add to the warm ambience. The rattan light shades are a recurring theme across the property. Designed by the Architect Channa Daswatte, the hotel exudes modern elegance.

Spread across a nine-acre land on the threshold of the sea, Sunrise by Jetwing consists of the lobby that leads to the restaurant, bar, and gaming arena, and three guest wings, swimming pool, fitness center, and a spa complete with a sauna and an open Jacuzzi. 58 guest rooms including two suites incorporate a balcony that opens to the charming views of the beach and sea beyond. Accommodation is complemented with soothing tones, modern amenities and impeccable room service, ensuring a comfortable stay amidst the heavenly tropics. 

The hotel’s signature dish, Batticaloa Lagoon Crab Curry, is authentically Sri Lankan.

The 108-meter-long swimming pool bears an innovative design that twists its way through the property, inviting the guests to take a dip under the beaming sun. Shades are placed along the deck with lounging chairs for an extended stay by the pool. The two fresh water ponds are filled with red lotuses blooming sporadically: a rare sight on the edge of the ocean. Many a herbal tree is planted in the grounds and underneath, quaint hammocks are placed. Guests can relax in the gently moving cradles, with the deep blue sea just within their reach.

One simply cannot resist the lure of the sea gushing on the shore, and the beach as soft as silk, free of corals. The sea is shallow and the waves gentle: it is safe for  sea-bathing and one can wade into the clear waters for several meters. Sunrise by Jetwing is sought after by those who seek the thrill of snorkeling, diving, sailing and many more, as from March till November the calm seas prevail at the Bay, promising perfect weather for water sports and also a relaxing getaway under the brilliant sun.

Falling dusk offers a magnificent picture of the edifice silhouetted against the western sky, the grounds illuminated by garden lights. The main restaurant serves a delicious round-up of global cuisine but the hotel’s signature dish is authentically Sri Lankan. The Batticaloa Lagoon Crab Curry is served with roast bread, creating a local savor that is unique to Sunrise by Jetwing. Interestingly, sea and lagoon food is a specialty in this stretch of the East Coast. The award-winning cocktail created in the hotel itself, ‘Sera Suwanda’, is an innovative mix of Sri Lankan flavors including bee honey and Sera juice, and is served for the guests at the Sky Bar.

The tranquil comfort in the premises, the tropical vibe of the garden and the sea beyond, and the promise of exhilarating water sports attract guests to Sunrise by Jetwing. The highlight of any guest’s stay however, would be the glorious sunrise that they can witness everyday as the day breaks in the Eastern Coast. As the sun peaks out from the horizon over the sea, the sky becomes a splash of color, gold and amber hues expelling the gloom of the dawn. A beam of sunlight streaks from the far horizon sets the beach aglow. The world is enraptured in a magical moment, a moment one could revel in at Sunrise by Jetwing. 

Sunrise by Jetwing

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