An Evening of Remembrance

June 2019| 134 views


Dharshan Munidasa lighting a lamp symbolizing solidarity and strength.

Merchants of Dutch Hospital with Jigsaw Solutions and regular musicians at the Dutch Hospital came together in remembrance of the victims of the tragic events that took place in the country. In light of one month passing after the incidents, a two-minute silence was observed, in a vigil of tribute to those who were affected.

The objective of the event was to spread the message that together, Sri Lanka can recover with the strength from all the communities living in the country. As a mark of support for the affected, the Dutch Hospital tenants made a cash donation to Sri Lanka Unites, a non-profit organization that works towards reconciliation and harmony in the country.

Dharshan Munidasa, Chef and Co-owner of Ministry Of Crab and Next Innings, stated, “We just want to show that we will recover, we will bounce back, while remembering the tragic loss we faced. It is our responsibility to do all we can to move forward.”

The illuminated replica of Sri Lanka drew the attention of guests.

Mahela Jayawardena, Cricketer and the Co-owner of Ministry Of Crab and Next Innings said, “It is a tough time for Sri Lanka, so we need to get together, support each other and try and make headway in the right direction.”

In a gesture of solidarity, the guests who attended the event were invited to light a lamp and place it on a map of Sri Lanka drawn in the Courtyard Two. Accompanied by live music by the regular musicians at the Dutch Hospital, the attendees got together to fill the entirety of the map, symbolic of coming together to build the nation stronger than ever before.

S Hettiarachchi, Secretary to the Minister of Tourism Development, Kishu Gomes, Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Board as well as Johanne Jayaratne, Chairman, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority were also present at the event.