Coastal Paradise: Heritance Ahungalla

June 2019| 541 views

Heritance Ahungalla is designed by the renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa.

Overlooking the Indian Ocean in the South-western coast, Heritance Ahungalla exudes a serene and airy ambience that inspires guests to keep coming back to indulge in seaside luxury.

Words Roomini Wijayarathne.

Designed by renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa almost four decades earlier, Heritance Ahungalla is a sophisticated hospitality space. The structure is stretched across a vast expanse of land, of 15 acres, by the ocean. The wide lobby is open, and allows the guest the vista of three blues that highlight Heritance Ahungalla: the cerulean blue of the pool, royal blue of the sea beyond and the sky blue above the horizon.

152 comfortable rooms including five suites are spread across the lengthy hallways from the North Wing to the South Wing. The hallways loop at junctures to create small pockets of open space. And there, wind breezes through and lush greens grow, allowing the guests to feel as if they are walking amidst foliage in the tropics. The rooms, in a pleasing contrast, are warm toned, with plush cushions and drapery adding to the feel of a home. The woodwork in the furniture is intricate; it radiates an aura of aristocracy. All rooms are fitted with a private balcony that opens to a glorious view of an endless seascape.

The sprawling hospitality space is a world on its own. It is complete with a library, two pools, a spa, three restaurants, four bars, a tennis court and a badminton court and a gym. The main dining, the Jute Restaurant is unique with a colorful ceiling made of jute. The grounds are a grassy lawn with lounging chairs placed sporadically. The guests can relax in the shade of the abundant greenery, sipping a cup of tea and basking in the gentle warmth of the sun. The land is extensive so that each guest is able to enjoy the serenity; no sounds disturb the solitude except for the deep hum of the Indian Ocean continuously lapping at the sea shore.

The seashore, pool and sunshine create the perfect beach getaway.

A stretch of 400 meters of a pristine white beach borders the property on the seaside. The shallow waters are clean and blue, and charm the visitor with the breathtaking hues it takes on as the sun lowers into the horizon. Countless frangipani trees, all filled with white blooms, dot the grounds. These blooms are a recurring presence in decorations inside the resort.

Heritance Ahungalla provides personalized service to each guest. The staff is welcoming and efficient, and will make sure that the guests make the best of their holiday. Together with the masterful architecture and verdant greenery, Heritance Ahungalla makes for the perfect beach getaway.

Heritance Ahungalla

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