Launch of SLT Voice App

June 2019| 171 views

P G Kumarasinghe Sirisena, Chairman, SLT, launching the SLT Voice App. Priyantha Fernandez, COO, SLT; Prabath Dahanayake, CMO, SLT and Kiththi Perera, CEO, SLT are also present.

Sri Lanka Telecom, the National Telecommunications Service Provider in Sri Lanka launched the ‘SLT Voice App’ to Sri Lankans for the first time in the Asian region.

In Sri Lanka, almost all the working professionals, executive personnel, teenagers, young adults and also SLT Broadband customers use Smart devices like smart phones and tablets. Especially, young adults are enthusiastic towards technologies such as ‘internet calls’.

The ‘Voice App’ enables SLT Broadband users to connect their smart devices to the network and directly make calls to any device, providing the landline users the internet calling facility.

The launch  of the app was graced by P G Kumarasinghe Sirisena, the Chairman, SLT; Priyantha Fernandez, COO, SLT; Kiththi Perera, CEO, SLT; and Prabath Dahanayake, CMO, SLT.

The benefits offered with this facility are many. The customer will be able to connect their landline with up to four other smart devices of their choice. For registrations, customers can log onto and register upto four numbers. The SLT app can be downloaded from Play Store for android users and Apple Store for Apple users. Registered callers will be able to make and receive uninterrupted voice calls with high clarity conveniently via SLT Wi-Fi network. This facility will not incur data charges or additional rentals for the customer. 

SLT Voice app caller can make a call to any phone, from anywhere via SLT Wi-Fi network. Once the landline connection is connected to the mobile smart devices, users are provided with features like the Contact List on home phone connection as well.

The SLT Voice app has unique capabilities such as device independence, location independence, secure connectivity, enhanced privacy and enhanced Paymaster control. SLT landline allows Paymaster to manage the voice communication budget of the the family dependents in an efficient way.

The event concluded with an informative panel discussion comprising Kiththi Perera, CEO, SLT; Priyantha Fernandez, COO, SLT along with Prabath Dahanayake, CMO, SLT.