Noritake: Through Ages of Perfection

July 2019| 521 views

Exquisite and elegant porcelain ware reflects the luxury that defines Noritake’s standards.

Renowned for superior artistry and craftsmanship, Noritake remains committed to its uncompromised quality in producing elegant tableware for over a century.

Words Tatiyana Welikala  

Photographs Menaka Aravinda

Noritake tableware is an embodiment of finesse, style, and sophistication. Since 1904, the esteemed Japanese brand has been decorating dinner tables for the global industry by offering premium and quality products for its discerning clientele. The Noritake factory in Matale, Sri Lanka is responsible for manufacturing versatile pieces that are designed for the international markets, which are simultaneously made available in Sri Lanka.

Today, with five showrooms across the island, Noritake continues to reach exemplary standards by strategically relocating its outlet from Wattala to Peliyagoda. The Noritake Highway Drive Store is convenient for guests accessing the Colombo-Katunayake Expressway to shop for quality porcelain tableware. Additionally, this showroom delivers an assortment of refined products to cater to all customer requirements.

The white interior and warm lighting of the store offers an elegant backdrop for the porcelain while the spaciousness of the store invites customers to browse freely through the collections. The comfortable lounge area in the showroom is perfect for customers to relax and peruse the product catalogues. A striking gold painted tea set captures the onlookers’ eye. Mosaic dinner sets, colorful floral pattern mugs and decorative ornaments are some of the meticulously designed pieces in the brand’s extensive range. The items are inspirational, varying, and vibrant. The round and square proportions of bone china and white porcelain reflects brilliance and luxury that defines Noritake’s excellence.   

Apart from the signature detailing of exquisite gold edging and classic blue hues, the contemporary stoneware selection features primary and bold colors that are catered for households as well as hoteliers. A touch of Sri Lankan culture is uniquely hand-painted on souvenirs, which make them ideal for gifts. 

The vision of the store is to ensure that everyone can experience the refined porcelain products. Noritake takes pride on the purity and quality of each its item, thus producing timeless styles that appeal to all.

Noritake Highway Drive Store

156/74, Negombo Road, Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka;

[email protected]

(+94 11) 294 6142

Opening hours: 9am – 6pm daily