Sénnya Resorts: Retreat to the Tranquility of Belihuloya

July 2019| 572 views

Enjoy vistas of beautiful Belihuloya.

At Sénnya Resorts, nature is given freedom, which has created an environment where the guest is immersed in the stillness of the moment.

Words Gayathri Kothalawala. 

Photographs Menaka Aravinda.

Situated in the Sabaragamuwa Province, Belihuloya is filled with natural beauty, cascading waterfalls, and wildlife and is in easy reach of the Hill Country attractions.

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the area and cradled by the nearby mountains, Sénnya Resorts is an idyllic haven in an already beautiful setting. The sprawling ground brings to mind a peaceful wilderness, as trees, shrubs, and bushes are allowed to flourish between the buildings. 

From the open-air lobby of the resort, a panoramic view of steep mountainsides can be enjoyed. The numerous shades of green that adorn the trees heighten the feeling of being surrounded by nature. The restaurant on the first floor features glass walls, hence giving patrons the beautiful views. The flavorful cuisine served at the restaurant is predominantly traditional Sri Lankan dishes, although favorite western dishes such as pizzas and pasta are also available.

A staircase gives access to the pathway that winds throughout the property. Shaded by trees, the gravel crunches reassuringly underneath a guest’s feet as they walk along the road. Sénnya Resorts offers 12 rooms; six two-storey chalets are spread throughout the property. Each chalet occupies its own space, giving privacy to the guests. The cozy and fully air-conditioned rooms provide beautiful views of the distant peaks, garden, or the glimmering pool. While guests can enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi available in each room, televisions are not provided, thus encouraging them to spend time in the fresh mountain air outside.

The first storey rooms are built with balconies and the glass walls of the rooms allow for natural light to illuminate the spaces. The ground-floor rooms offer terraces where guests can enjoy the breeze. One chalet comprises a private pool, ideal for guests who desire privacy.

The five-foot deep swimming pool is situated at a distance from the chalets and is perfect for a dip and to enjoy the stunning views. The sauna is built underneath; thus, guests can use the sauna to detoxify before taking a refreshing swim in the pool. An open bar is situated nearby. A small garden thrives close to the pool. The freshly-grown tomatoes, mint, spinach, brinjal, lady’s fingers, and cucumbers are used in the kitchen to create sumptuous dishes that are served to the guests.

As the guests walk around the resort, they are sure to hear the wind. The weather maintains a perfect balance; neither too hot nor too cold.

The open-air lobby offers panoramic views.

Beyond the serene grounds of Sénnya Resorts, guests can explore the attractions of Belihuloya, which includes a guided tour to Bambarakanda Falls – the tallest cascade in the island – as well as the Lanka Falls, accessible on foot from Bambarakanda.

Guests are also often taken to the summit at Nonperial in quad bikes (ATVs) in the early morning to enjoy a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast served by the resort staff.

The staff comprises youth from nearby villages and have grown with the Resort. The boutique hotel plans to expand further in the future and cater to guests with wellness programs.

Within easy reach of Colombo, Sénnya Resorts in Belihuloya is an ideal option for guests who wish to explore an unexplored aspect of tourism in the island. Away from the city, the calm and the serenity of the area is soothing to the spirit.

Sénnya Resorts

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