Elder Chiropractic Clinik: hands-on therapy for self-healing

August 2019| 194 views

Dr Sosna providing treatment for muscular and spinal adjustments. Photo credit: Elder Chiropractic Clinik 

Elder Chiropractic Clinik is dedicated to treating those who suffer from underlying causes of chronic spinal and joint pain.

Words Tatiyana Welikala.

Dr Janet Ruth Sosna, Managing Director, Senior Chiropractor opened Elder Chiropractic Clinik in May 2014. The warmth of Dr Sosna resonated in her treatment room as she explained why she decided to establish a presence in Sri Lanka.

She stated, “Chiropractic is the third largest professional degree healthcare discipline after dentistry and medicine.Backpain does not get the attention unlike serious illnesses. I recognized the opportunity to open a clinic as there were no qualified chiropractic professionals in Sri Lanka.” 

Chiropractors concentrate on restoring function for musculoskeletal conditions. Doctors examine and diagnose ailments based on clinical evidence and research. Chiropractors focus on spinal pain and its relationship to the nervous system. Dr Sosna further emphasized the importance of engaging in physical activity despite the busy schedules that people have.

“Most individuals are occupied in jobs at desk stations. Ideally, people should get 150 minutes of exercise weekly, or 22 minutes per day,” she said.  To achieve a part of this time frame, Dr Sosna described ‘Exercise Snacks’ as a new fitness concept to counterbalance the fact that people sit most of the time. To participate in the recommended ‘Exercise Snack’, Dr Sosna says to set a timer on a mobile phone for 58 minutes and for the balance two minutes of the hour, to stand up and sit down, climb the stairs, do a modified plank at a work desk or partake in a posture balance exercise. Dr Sosna believes that if this fitness concept were practiced daily, a person would be able to achieve a significant amount of exercise within their busy day.

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