‘SLT Speed Up Cycle Sawariya 2019’

October 2019| 93 views

P G Kumarasinge Sirisena, Chairman, SLT (right) handing over the trophy to N Karunaratne, President, Cycle Federation of Sri Lanka (left).

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) organized the SLT Speed-Up Cycle Sawariya for the fourth successive year, with the objective of uplifting cycling-related sports activities in the country. This year’s Cycle Sawariya was launched at the Presidential Sports Awards.

SLT covered all the nine provinces for the first time in the history of cycle racing in Sri Lanka, symbolizing the SLT broadband backbone throughout the country. The Cycle Sawariya, the longest cycle race in Sri Lanka was conducted under the categories of men’s race, women’s race, children’s race and online cycle race. It also featured the first-ever competitive cycling event for school children.

The race covered a distance of over 1,000km. SLT Speed Up Cycle Sawariya concluded with a prize to the winner of the men’s race, amounting to one million rupees, which was the highest prize given to a cycling champion in Sri Lanka. The winner of women’s race secured a prize worth 250,000 rupees and junior (men) a prize of 100,000 rupees. The SLT Speed Up theme was an elaboration of the fastest broadband network provided to the nation by the company. SLT chose the ‘Speed-Up’ theme to connect the company’s consistent attempts to provide customers with ultra high-speed solutions to sports activities, while further expanding its reach to all corners in the island. Several activities were implemented by SLT parallel to this event in order to expand its ICT solutions and to raise public awareness on the potential of latest technologies and digital innovations to transform individuals into smart citizens.

As emphasized in the National Digital Roadmap, SLT has taken the necessary steps to contribute to the Government’s mission of transforming the country into a Smart Sri Lanka. Innovative events of this type reflect a new projection on that objective with sustainable outcomes for the future of the ICT landscape in Sri Lanka.