Whiteklay partners with Lanka Bell

October 2019| 77 views

Dr Prasad Samarasinghe, Managing Director, Lanka Bell.

Lanka Bell, one of the country’s leading telecommunication service providers, announced a strategic collaboration with the data and  analytical services provider Whiteklay Technologies to enable businesses to adopt a focused approach on solving problems towards AI (Artificial Intelligence) based business decision making.

Whiteklay Technologies is headquartered in Pune, India and has a strong presence in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Whiteklay Technologies is a select and niche provider of data analytical services with a strong focus on Data Exchange and Data Economics.

This focus has the company to invest heavily on Big Data Consulting, Management, Implementation, Analytics and Training with a portfolio capitaizing on strong engineering capabilities.

According to industry experts, a good predictive scoring strategy can help a company boost its bottom-line revenues by prioritizing its sales efforts, messaging, and strategy.

The joint solution between the companies would provide Analytics as a service hosted on Lanka Bell’s cloud platform and aims to enable enterprises to visualize predictive and existing data patterns, which in turn will help enterprises take fast decisions for prospective businesses.

Business organizations can take advantage of this solution by consuming straightway end point dashboards which are also self-serviced without having to bother about the tiresome IT journey.

T Devanand, Regional Director, Whiteklay Technologies said of this service, “In today’s world not having a strong data background should not be a blocker for any organization to get some quick insights from data. If a trend line can be spotted in the data, Analysts should be able to ask the system as to “what changed?” giving them the flexibility to do slice and dice on the data at a real-time level and generate a dashboard as per their liking.

“The fact is, deploying such systems inside any organization’s environment takes a big initiative from tech, strategy and finance departments. If the tech team is not that strong, then acquiring skills to manage and run the system require a significant portion of the budget. This is where a lot of companies are looking to engage on getting Quick Start Analytics as a Service.”

Dr Prasad Samarasinghe, Managing Director, Lanka Bell, speaking of the partnership said, “Data and analytics are, and continue to be, two of the most significant areas of growth and investment for many enterprises. By using Data Analytics as a service, organizations can cut down on huge setup costs without compromising Data Security. Moreover, they can focus on their core business instead of worrying about maintenance. We are pleased to announce the launch of the service through our networks and we have no doubt that it would bring immense benefits to Business entities. Our partner Whiteklay has done immaculate work in this field and we are confident about the success in our engagement.”

Among the company’s main offerings is BEST – Bell Enterprise Solutions Technology – a specialized suite of enterprise telecommunication solutions which offers voice and text, data, IDC (Internet Data Center) and international services. With its state-of-the-art digital network, Lanka Bell offers unmatched customer support and continues to challenge the industry through its wide range of services.