Taj Samudra hosts annual Christmas cake mixing

November 2019| 174 views

Taj Samudra initiated Christmas festivities with traditional cake mixing.

Taj Samudra brought the joy of Christmas to Colombo with its annual Christmas cake mixing celebration. Seasonal cheer and delight surrounded the elegantly decorated Grand Marquee. The festively designed patterns created on the mixing table were appreciated by the guests.

The colorful ingredients included cherries, currants, raisins, candied peels, and cashew nuts. The chopped ingredients were creatively arranged to display season’s greetings and other Christmas themed decorations by the culinary team of the hotel, guided by Shamila Kumarasinghe, Sous Chef, Taj Samudra.

The guests eagerly joined in for the festivities.

“This is the largest cake mixing table in the country,” commented Shamila Kumarasinghe. “It is 66 feet long, and we have over 400 kg of ingredients.” The invitees and guests joyously joined together to mix the rich ingredients for the Christmas Cake.